Step 4: Assemble

Picture of Assemble
Glue it all together!

Because I did a crummy job of photo-documenting this step, I've included this handy diagram of what went on.  I hope it helps!

One sheet of black paper or fabric goes on the side with the grosgrain velcro strap on it to cover and strengthen that bit.

One sheet of black paper or fabric goes on the inside of the other cover if you've managed to muck it up like I did.  If yours is still pristine, feel free to skip this part.

The frame you've cut gets adhered to the side with the grosgrain velcro strap, on top of the fabric or paper, with the little velcro tab we put on the frame on the side of the notebook with the spiral.

Finally, I decided to glue another strap on to the outside to keep the notebook closed.  This strap gets glued to the back, with another piece of velcro on it that will attach to the piece on the front.   It's only a couple inches long, and its only purpose is to hold the book closed.
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