Picture of iPad Optimized Kitchen Pegboard
When I went to install a pegboard in my kitchen, I figured I'd have it double as a kitchen home for my iPad. The iPad is a great kitchen accessory, but trying to keep it away from all my spills and messes has been a challenge. I created this cool, out-of-the-way spot for it to live when its telling me how to cook.

Step 1: Prep

Picture of Prep
 I began by cutting my support slats down to 40" (I had them trim my pegboard at the hardware store to my measurements). It's always important when you're hanging heavy items on walls to make sure that you're distributing the weight of your items across a broad area. I use 3 slats that are mounted with anchors into drywall on one side and studs on another, then attach the pegboard to that. I made sure that my support slats were level and I measured to make sure the center slat (where the two pieces of pegboard join) is situated in the middle.
Grigasaurus5 years ago
 This is a really great idea. I'm totally going to do this in my new apartment. First step, purchase iPad.

garrett.tillman (author)  Grigasaurus5 years ago
 If you build it, your iPad will come...
 You should make these and sell them in the Apple store! Great idea!  Apple should hire you to sell iPads with recipes!
garrett.tillman (author)  phoebe-girl5 years ago
 There's an app for that!