Picture of iPad Tripod Mount
This is a very easy to make and inexpensive tripod mount for iPads or any tablet really. It is made from a piece of PVC drain pipe and a t-nut. The funnest part of this project is the unique way the pipe is flattened to become the iPad case.

This project was adapted from a YouTube video. The original design would not quite fit my tripod so I made a new mounting bracket.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
14" of  4" PVC schedule 20 drain pipe
PVC cement
1 1/4" #20 t-nut
card stock

Step 2: Tools

Picture of Tools
safety glasses
25mm (1") round saw
5/8" drill bit
drill or drill press
Dremel with cutting wheel and grinder
sander or sand paper
heat gun (not shown)

Step 3: Cut the pipe

Picture of Cut the pipe
Cut about 14" of 4" schedule 20 PVC drain pipe. It should be a few inches wider than the long side of the iPad. Then make a single cut lengthwise down the pipe.

Step 4: Preheat

Picture of Preheat
Wait until your wife is out of the afternoon. Preheat your oven to 210 F. You are going to bake the PVC for about 6 minutes or until it is flat. Don't worry this should not produce any smell.

Step 5: Flatten the PVC

Picture of Flatten the PVC
Bake the PVC in a 210 F oven for about six minutes or until it is mostly flat. Use a cookie sheet so that the oven shelf does not leave any marks. Once the PVC is mostly flat, remove it from the oven. The PVC will be soft like pie crust dough. Put a cutting board and a pitcher of tea on top of the PVC so that it will cool completely flat.

Step 6: Sand

Picture of Sand
Sand off all the labeling, marks and stains from both sides of the PVC.

Step 7: Template

Picture of Template
Draw a template on a piece of card stock. Transfer or copy the template to another piece of card stock. Use the second piece of card stock to make a prototype. Make sure all of the iPad's buttons and connectors are not obstructed. Adjust your master template if needed.
AnirudhK2 made it!11 days ago

Great tutorial, brother! I made a similar mount albeit for a mobile phone. My Lumia allows for long exposure photography, and I was wondering how I could mount it. The only modification I made was that I made the base quite heavy and thick, this allows me to use the mount itself as a stand.

Mallymal5 months ago

pure genius man! I've been puzzling how to mount a 7" tablet in a silicone waterproof case to my motorcycle, and you nailed it! In the UK we don't have the same pipe you mention, so I used black downpipe, which cost just £5 ($8).

Because of restricted space near the windshield, I modified the design to it just has little side tabs to prevent sideways slippage, and a sprung top clip, allowing me to just spring the tablet forward to remove it. Riveted a metal bracket on the back for fixing to bike. Went for a test ride today and all was well at 70. Thanks so much !!

Brian08911 months ago

Hi Do you Have design To Make a Sun Shade For Ipad2


Brian08911 months ago

Hi Do you have the Template For This

Rolts1 year ago

Great project, very creative use of materials. Definitely going to try this.

samjohn1 year ago

nice! Looks like something Apple would sell... And kind of looks like an iMac.

Very nice solution! Thanks! Just one question; you used grey drain pipe, but after heating the pvc looks nice (Apple) white! How come? I@lbert
newspire (author)  avan der veer11 year ago
Thanks for your kind words. The pipe is not grey. Maybe the dirty pipe looks that way in the pictures in contrast to the white paper and stove. It is plain white drain pipe found in box stores or plumbing supply.
florjanj1 year ago
Great! It helps me a lot!
Bravo Zulu!
petermonti1 year ago
Beautiful work !
dsgreene711 year ago
great project, and very well done instructable!
So many plastic projects will be possible since I saw the flattening of the pvc! Thanks, and that is a wonderful ipad holder!
babloon1 year ago
Extremely brilliant, accessible and perfectly explained !
Top !
slysimon1 year ago
Very nice idea, well executed. Nice 'ible too.