There are a number of reasons for needing to attach an iPad to a tripod. Speakers can use an iPad as a teleprompter, musicians can use one to display sheet music or a set list, or to hold the device when using it as an instrument, and artists may want to hold one up while they work. The iPad can also take decent video in a pinch and a tripod is helpful there too.

This instructable shows how to make a mount for attaching an iPad to a tripod.

This mount is fabricated from extruded angle aluminum, a few wings nuts and washers, polypropylene pipe insulation, and two small buret (burette) clamps. The buret clamps are available on eBay, from surplus suppliers, or from lab supply houses for about $7-10 each. Any similar adjustable clamps with a mounting stem can be adapted to work. Only basic tools are needed.

Step 1: Tools

Basic hand tools and a drill (not shown) are required as shown in the Figure:

(A) hack saw
(B) knife
(C) 1/4-in (6.35 mm) twist drill
(D) center punch
(E) marker
(F) ruler
(G) file
(H) pliers (optional)
(I)  tubing cutter (optional)
(J) hammer
Good work but...... not worth. Why? iPad give you a poor(S*ck) quality picture my Nokia 5800XM are much better. I recommand you to bought new camera. For now digital camera price aren't expensive. Make/Buy tripod for digital camera are easier and cheaper...
If you have a camera, smartphone, or use something like an EyeFi you can use the iPad as your display, not your capture device, as just one example as to why you might want to do this.
I appreciate the feedback. Well, I'll have to disagree that the quality s*ck. It's not the best on the market by far, but the back camera is "good enough" for many applications. Besides, there are other reasons to hold an iPad steady besides for shooting video.
OK! If you say that i don't had permission to change your mind so, Then after you made a tripod for it.You need a LED Light/Studio Light too! iPad camera need bright light to make it work best as it can.
Good tips. I shot some video at a concert with it this evening. It was either that or go out and spend a couple of hundred bucks that I don't have on a new camera. Until I get my HD Flip fixed/replaced, this is all I've got.
Why not just get a real camera and put that on a tripod?
Thanks for mentioning that. I have modified the instructable to point out that there are many reasons for putting an iPad on a tripod. In my case, I needed to shoot some video and my camera decided to stop working.
This is great, now I can use my iPad sitting on a stool, play my guitar with the on screen music I have downloaded. Now if only you could make it work as a table top mount as well as floor standing. Well done!
Well, you could get yourself a piece of heavy base material (like really dense wood, or a chunk of metal of some kind), stick a piece of 1/4-20 all-thread in the top, and you'd be good to go.
I love buret clamps, they're handy for all sorts of things.
They really are, and sometimes you can buy used ones by the lot for a really good price.

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