IPad becomes accessible remote for TV, Amp and fan. via Laptop and IR box

Picture of iPad becomes accessible remote for TV, Amp and fan. via Laptop and IR box
This is an instructable donated via Lyn, who figured out how to connect up her iPad as a remote control for her TV, fan and her amp.

She uses her iPad with her nose - so she's using a remote desktop app to connect to her Mac laptop, in turn using the iRed software to control an IR box, which then controls the TV, Amplifier, and the fan.

Say goodbye to the ugly accessibility remote control boxes!
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Step 1: Get an IR box

Picture of Get an IR box
Step 1 - get yourself an IR box.

Lyn uses the IR Trans, USB v3.6 as pictured.

Having typed into Google and had a quick look, I believe she's using this one:
IRT-USB-Mac IRTrans USB Device incl. iRed license for the Mac 99,00 EUR Export price excl. VAT 83,19 EUR

Can be found here:

Step 2: Get iRed up and running

Picture of Get iRed up and running
Choose your (Mac) computer that you are going to plug the IR box into.

Download iRed, and set it up so that you can control your TV, fan or indeed anything with IR controls, directly from your mac.

I don't know any more than this yet, but let me know, and I'll ask Lyn for more deets if you need.

Step 3: Get Remote Desktop app

Picture of Get Remote Desktop app
Once you've got that running, you can get a remote desktop app of your choice.

The one Lyn was using is a paid app, called "Desktop Connect" - it worked for her.

Connect this via the wifi router to the Mac (I assume)

Step 4: Enjoy! Start controlling the TV, Amp and Fan

Picture of Enjoy!  Start controlling the TV, Amp and Fan
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Enjoy controlling your stuff from the iPad!
This is a fantastic project. Wonderful!
flavrt2 years ago
Bravo for technologically assisted Independent Living.