Introduction: IPad Controlled Raspberry Pi Powering an EggBot

Starting with an EggBot built from the Evil Mad Science Laboratories kit, we embed a Raspberry Pi Linux board into the EggBot. This required that we installed Inkscape, the eggbot extensions and VNC server software; next we installed VNC client app onto an iPad and an iPhone (only the iPad is shown in this video); We connect the USB from the Pi to the EggBot board and connect power to both boards; now we have an autonomous EggBot which needs no external computer, keyboard, mouse or monitor -- it is all controlled wirelessly from iPad or iPhone.


Michael_oz (author)2014-01-16

"This video is private" not very helpfull

crgfrench (author)Michael_oz2014-06-07

Thanks Oz for mentioning that -- the video is public now. Sorry for any inconvenience!