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Introduction: IPad Nano

I have heard enough ululating about the iPad.  The iPad seems to be a very large iPod Touch, therefore, my iPod Touch is really just a small iPad.  Thus, the iPad nano was born.

I took my battered old iTouch to the buffing wheel at clubworkshop.  The back is stainless, so I started with black buffing compound and heavy pressure to remove the original logo and all the scratches.  I finished with the green buffing compound to bring out the final shine.  Next I sprayed the back of the newly shiny iTouch with CerMark LMM-6000, loaded it into the Epilog Helix 60W laser engraver and printed my custom logo.  After rinsing off the unbonded Cermark with water, voila the first (I think) iPad nano!



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    You should copyright this so if apple decides to make an ipad nano they would need to buy it from you. Apple did make an ipad mini, but that isn't as small as your ipad nano. Good job, will do it when I get my ipod touch 2g.

    You did a better job of making an iPad nano than apple will ever do...

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    You can get one by referring 14 friends here at:http://apple.freebiejeebies.co.uk/914861

    i think you can get proper ipad nanos

    I downloaded the fonts from here, iPad is Myriad Apple and nano is Myriad Pro.  I used Inkscape to put it all together.  Now that the iPad has been around awhile there might be more accurate fonts available, I was just guessing at the time.

    Ok, thanks!

    It might be nice to create a brushed effect on the back (more aluminium looking)

    But you need to jailbreak it and make the software look like the iPad.

    Here is a picture of my iPod touch's current OS set up.

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    Why would you make it 5 columns, the iPad's got just 4 like all the other iOS devices. Otherwise it looks really cool.

     I just googled a version of the iPad background.

    I then used Fivel Rows, and Five Column SB to get a 5x5 grid, then I used Shrink to make the icons smaller, Winterboard lets you turn off the names. Then I used Make it Mine, to change iPod to iPad.

    i did that to make it look like my ipod ran android.

    That is immensely awesome.

    NICE!!!  (just watch out, Apple might steal the idea   ;D   )    LOL