The iPhone has been a geek staple for a few years now, especially with hackers. There are lots of apps to buy and play with, but what if you want to do something more? Take a look at these cool iPhone based projects! From chargers to camera stands, these hacks are sure to please!

How to make a solar iPod/iPhone charger -aka MightyMintyBoost style
I wanted a charger for my iPodTouch and the MintyBoost was definitely my first choice. I wanted to take it a bit further and make it not only rechargeable but also solar powered. The other issue is th...
Simple business card iPhone / iPod stand style
This is a simple stand made from an standard business card. It allows you to watch videos on your device (iPhone, iPod, PMP, other) without having to hold it up at a comfortable angle. It folds flat a...
iPhone Macro Lens style
I've always loved close-up photography starting with a book I remember from first grade on spiders. I actually couldn't get past the first few pages of the book without freaking out and slamming the b...
How to make an easy iphone alarm clock stand style
This is a one piece flat stand to use with your iphone when it is charging from the cable. For me it means I can use it as an alarm clock by my bed whilst being able to see it. Its also a one piece de...
Iphone car stand doc for iPhone or iPod Touch style
A restraint system for an iPhone or iPod Touch for the car. Uses items that you have in home, only buy Velcro ($3), a green concept!After finding no discreet support in the market specific for the iPh...
Soft iPhone and iPad Stylus style
A few of us at Teague Labs have been experimenting with conductive foams and fabrics in search of an iPhone/iPad stylus that's somewhere between the intriguing hard foil sticks and wet q-tips on Instr...
Making A Glove Work With A Touch Screen style
You can do this in just a few minutes without a lot of know-how.  Winter's coming up (if you're in the Northern Hemisphere) and with winter comes cold  weather, and with cold weather comes gloves.  Bu...
iPhone Magnifying Camera Mod style
*Updated Dec. 9, 2009.* I had some lenses from various sources sitting around and wanted to devise an easy way to use them with my camera phone to take magnified pictures and videos.  At first, I jus...