Picture of iPhone 2G screen repair DIY
I got a 2G iPhone with a broken screen.
Luckily the digitizer still working and the serious cracks not really reached the screen itself, apart a small fracture from the clock area.
So, I decided to repair it somehow DIY, because a proper screen-repair could cost you around 120 GBP.

Step 1: Clean up the mess

Picture of clean up the mess
You will need: iPhone 2G keen to survive
some used top-up or sim-card
pen or pencil
clear liquid glue
Some alcohol
Black acrylic paint
a bit of developed 35 mm film negative
good eye for details
iPhone screen protector (optional)

Firstly I removed the broken glass chips from the seriously damaged area with a tweezer. Under those there are the speaker and the light sensors.
I fixed the remaining shivers over the clock area with a model-kit glue,because I want to see the clock.

That would have been useful when I dropped my old iPhone!
zack2474 years ago
very well done!
i would have used some clear epoxy to fill in the gaps between the replacement chunk and the glass, but thats just because im a perfectionist :P
dprihodko4 years ago
Thank you! I't s very interesting article! Can I take them on my web?
Max Headroom (author)  dprihodko4 years ago
Thanks! Of course, use it freely!
Berserk875 years ago
lol thats awesome, decent end result too. or you could order a new glass peice for $8.
Max Headroom (author)  Berserk875 years ago
wrong, the first gen iPhone screen is totally diff from the second generation displayed glued together with the digitizer part
What... I never said anything about which generation of phone or the digitizer, what did I say that was wrong? A glass replacement piece is available for both types the 2g and the 3g/3gs.
Max Headroom (author)  Berserk875 years ago
The 2G and the 3G iPhone screens are different: the 2G glass melted/glued together with the digitizer, you can't change the glass only
Yes you can, you have to separate the glass from the digitiser but it is perfectly doable. Use a razor blade.
Max Headroom (author)  Pink_wolf5 years ago
I tried, but very hard, and there is a huge chance to damage the digitizer, and thereafter "you have to put the toothpaste back"too. how to glued them bubbleless together again?
Max Headroom (author)  Berserk875 years ago
but anyway: could you give mi a link for that rep glass, please?
arduinoe5 years ago
have to say , im incredibly impressed with this , it started out looking like it was going to be a tape and glue kinda fix , but the end result really isnt too bad at all , bravo :) , 5 outa 5 stars :P
this is ok i guess for a super cheep fix. but if u bought an iphone im sure you can scrounge up 10-20 bux and get a screen on ebay. or sum plexi glass replacements. it would be alot better then this, as your fix is just a bandaid. and more drops or anything and the rest will crack or fall off. its better to fix things right, then to put a bandaid on it. but if you need a quick fix this is a deffinit option
Max Headroom (author)  brandonb52695 years ago
for the 2G the replacement screen is around 120 GBP,
Doveman5 years ago
All I know is, that if I would of bought an iPhone and it had a cracked screen, I would have sent it back with a nasty letter. A letter raising holy hell.
It was likely purchased intentionally broken for a discounted price.
Max Headroom (author)  frollard5 years ago
AKA (POOR MANS) Fix Sorry Caps Button Broke MIND of ITs OwN
Max Headroom (author)  MACKattacksnipe5 years ago
Hardly seen a "Bentley parts order sheet directly from the manufacturer" guides here...
This looks pretty good! Especially since it's cheap. And there iare always parts from sites like iFixit
=SMART=5 years ago
Wow that looks really cool ! Way to repair instead of re-buy !!!
jimmytvf5 years ago
very good tut! by the time you change the screen, is a very good solution, at least the chips of glass won't fly away and it mantains all the circuits clean
carlos66ba5 years ago
Excellent, a truly fantastic instructable. You basically got back 100% functionality with a small degradation in the beauty of the device (yes, we all know that the iphone beauty is all-important, but still...).
Hey the ultimate beauty is other people not wanting to steal it (: That's why I uglify my valuables :D
impressive cheap cover up! +5
Marsh5 years ago
Not bad. Not too bad at all!
And it still functions like it should???
Max Headroom (author)  The Ideanator5 years ago
Fortunately, yes
zomg! You're very lucky, I wouldn't think that it would still work after something like that.
Max Headroom (author)  The Ideanator5 years ago
I know it just pure luck
jibatsu5 years ago
How on earth did it break?
Max Headroom (author)  jibatsu5 years ago
rigid kitchen floor
robotguy45 years ago
Still looks a bit cracked, but meh, it works... Cheaper than buying a new phone...
JoelDude5 years ago
U can find a burned or damaged Iphone on Ebay and use the case too.