IPhone 4S Back Glass Repair





Introduction: IPhone 4S Back Glass Repair

About: I like doing some cool stuff with wood metal and other materials

A specialy designed, wodden back pannel for iPhone 4S

Step 1: Cracked Back Glass

First of all I needed to take all the parts of cracked screen from the panel. To be honest it wasn`t very easy.

Step 2: Red Wood As a Black Glass

I chose red wood, because it was the darkest one that i could find. Also the panel was full of glue so I cleaned it with acetone.

Step 3: Putting the Red Wood

The piece of wood wasn`t very big, so cut and attached it to the panel very fast. Then i needed to take some layers from it, cause it was quite thick.

Step 4: Putting Logo

Another hard step was to put the logo. i didn`t have profesional instruments to burn the wood propperly, so i did it with soldering. The glas for the camera was taken from the cracked glass ( If you apply pressure it comes out of glass quite easily ).

Step 5: Covering With Vanish

And the final step was covering the wooden surface with vanish to make it darker and to show the texture of wood.



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    good job!i love this idea

    I enjoy how this looks but I wish more detail was put into the instructable. But I'd love to do this with my phone since I am still with an iPhone 4

    Wow, that looks great! I like your iPhone logo better than the original. Thank you for sharing! I hope we see more from you in the future.