I wanted a very thin leather case for my iPhone 5.  Most of the ones I've seen either offer little protection or add bulk by trying to be a wallet and not quite making it.  While this case does not replace a wallet (I carry a lot of cards and I use my phone a lot, I don't want to be whipping-out my wallet every time I use it) it does have places for cash, and my business card.  The titanium core provides a three-point grip on the phone, not obstructing any ports or buttons (save for the earphone jack which I rarely use, but is exposed in the second iteration.)

Step 1: You Will Need:

  •   Leather for the case(here I used Torino leather)
  •   Leather for lining (something thin)
  •   Titanium sheet, roughly 6"x6" (I used 32 gauge)
  •   Thread
  •   Rivets (optional)
  • 1/4" piece of metal plate as a mandrel (optional)

  •   Something for cutting leather (sharp knife, laser cutter, shears, etc.)
  •   Something for cutting Titanium (metal bandsaw, water jet cutter, hydraulic shear)
  •   Metal grinder
  •   A sewing machine (or a needle and patience)
  •   Blow torch 
  •   Hammer
  *All available at TechShop
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Nice job! Thanks for showing that a useful and cool project can be accomplished with a little prep and patience. Thanks for posting.

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