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Hey everybody its Momo. Much apologies to my devoted momoluvers who have been patiently waiting for a new INSTRUCTABLE. I've been a bit busy and not gotten much time until now! I hope you enjoy this super cute and miniature iphone for play and display!

Step 1: Supplies

1- printable template

2- mini scissors
3- glue stick
4- tape

Step 2: Tape

Picture of Tape

Cover the template in tape to make it sturdier and shiny making it more authentic.

Step 3: Cut Out

Picture of Cut Out

Cut out the template for the box and the phone. (There are two parts for the box so make sure you get the bottom half too)

Step 4: Fold

Picture of Fold

Fold every edge and tab

Step 5: Tape

Picture of Tape

Tape the edges in like above to make the box look smoother.

Step 6: Finish the Box

Picture of Finish the Box

To construct the box, simply glue the tabs to the inside of the box.

Repeat the same thing with the bottom half of the box

Step 7: Assembly of the Iphone

Picture of Assembly of the Iphone

Glue the long tabs and bend them in. The paper will naturally form in the shape of the phone

Step 8: Tiny Tabs

Picture of Tiny Tabs

I believe the best way to keep the tabs down is to put glue on a toothpick and rub it onto the tab to smooth it over the phone. Then take your finger and rub it, keeping it down.

Step 9: Photo Shoot!

Picture of Photo Shoot!

Now you can take photos with your little phone!

Step 10: Finish!

Picture of Finish!

And that's all you have to do! If you haven't already, follow me become a member of the farm family and give a cow its wings! Love y'all•_£



At long last! Momo's shoutout Sunday has returned!

Ok so if your familiar to my page, you should know that I give SHOUTOUTS to 3 of my followers every Sunday for being the reason for me to make instructables! I have selected three lucky followers today and I think they have totally earned it!

First, • Master Wasi 47 • made this cool instructable for a homemade BB gun! I think this is really cool and if you're into that stuff you can save some money!

Next, • SparkySolar • made this adorable little baby costume that looks like an egg! I love this instructable because he is making this costume out of the memory of an old one!

Lastly, • Phoenix109 • follow him if you want some pretty neat wallpapers! I've used several of them already and I'm sure he'll post more! Looking cowards to it!

YOU too can be a part of MOMO'S shoutout Sunday! You just need to make sure your page has two things:
1- you have to be following me
2- you have to be an active follower. i.e. Your most recent instructable had to be from a most a month ago.


ASL1014 (author)2014-11-29

You have a few spelling errors at the bottom of the page.

momoluv (author)2014-11-28

Thank you much master Wasi!

Master Wasi 47 (author)2014-11-28

I voted it

Master Wasi 47 (author)2014-11-28

Cute. Looks very cute.

Fission Chips (author)2014-11-27

Looks pretty cool and realistic! Nice job sharing your great photos and your photo shoot.

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