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Introduction: IPhone Auto Clicker

There are no auto clickers available to the iphone, until now! This great method works on vnc and is very easy! Lets get clicking!! Use cases: cookie clicker, Kiwicoin, ads, ect.

Step 1: Download Veency

This process requires a cydia jailbreak called veency. Download it and there is no icon because it's in settings. This enables your iPhone to be controlled by your computer.

Step 2: Open Up Veency

Open veency in settings and enable it. For safety I recommend you set a password

Step 3: Go to Your Computer

Once you set up veency go to your computer and get vnc software (realvnc.) Then once it opens it will ask you for an ip address and let me show you how to get that.

Step 4: Find Your IPhone's Ip

Go into the settings and wifi then on the wifi your connected to press the (i) button and its the top one. Settings > Wifi > (i) > Ip

Step 5: Finish the Vnc

Type in your iPhones ip address in the box and it will look for it. Once found press continue and continue again. Then type in password if needed.

Step 6: Result of VNC

The screen should look black which is okay just try and position the cursor where the button is.

Step 7: Auto Click Part

The moment we've all been waiting for, the auto clicker!! Download any auto clicker just for your pc/mac and position the cursor on the area you want it to tap.

Step 8: Thanks

Thank you for looking at my instructable and tell me in the comments what you use this for. I'm coming out with an auto clicker that doesn't need a jailbreak and is a lot easier to do. Enjoy



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    why cant i download?

    Good instruction but just a tip: use shift-command-3or4 to take a screenshot on Mac ;)

    2 replies

    Hey made an updated version of this using your tips!

    Hey Unit254 thank you for the tip. The next time I will take screenshots. Thank you for helping me out. ~Carter


    I have downloaded this file but it wont open .When i press connect button it keeps loading . What is wrong?

    Is the clicker without jb out yet? Thanks.