I remembered seeing an iPhone stand built out of binder clips on Lifehacker and figured that would work out well at my desk at work. I did a quick search and found the original post at Cult of Mac but the details were sorely lacking. Since this isn't rocket science it only took a minute or so to fabricate my own iPhone Binder Clip Stand and make a few improvements to the design.

Step 1: Step 1: Procure 1 or 2 Medium Sized Binder Clips

Go to your supply closet and grab 2 if you can Medium Sized Binder Clips. If yours aren't blue that's OK but don't be afraid to accessorize.
<p>I made a Laptop stand out of a piece of wire!</p><p>Extremely low cost and very useful. Learn here how I made it: </p><p><a href="http://board.nwrk.biz/viewtopic.php?id=70" rel="nofollow">http://board.nwrk.biz/viewtopic.php?id=70</a></p>
I made one based on your idea.
I made one starting from your idea.
<p>I have made it, but fatefully don't have another phone around or camera to take a picture of it and post it as a real &quot;I made it&quot;!</p><p>Took all of about 30 seconds to make and is invisible to the person viewing the phone from the front. Happy accident on that part I suspect. </p><p>Thanks for the instructable :-)</p>
<p>Excellent and simple design! Even of a heavy phone as Xperia Z1 :)</p>
Just did this with 2 clips side-by-side and works like a champ! Perfect
I tried making your stand, but I only had one binder clip and a bunch of paper clips. So I improvised and ended up taking a big binder clip and a big paper clip. <br>How I did it: <br>I folded out the paper clip and put the one end in hole of the binder clip. Then I folded the paper around to hold the bottom of the phone and then forced the other end in the other side of the binder clip <br>Works awesome. Thank you for inspiring me. <br>
Very good! All I did different was remove the upper wires sticking out the back. I'll probably use another binder clip as nigelnation and and wrap with rubber as did Flyinseamnky.
Thanks. I'll check on Motorola Milestone.
thanks nigelnation. The additional clip really helped!!
Excellent!&nbsp; I played with a stack of binder clips trying to make a stand, but it never occurred to me to bend one of the arms.&nbsp; Nice work.<br />
a few modifications. Mine would pop apart almost every time I would handle it. I wrapped a rubberband around the two to help hold them in place. I also cut up a foam pencile grip to better cradle and grip my iPhone. I can now use it vertically and horizontally since I did not have a USB cap laying around.
Awesome! I love it. I'm going to make it right now. And I second that the photos are great, however, a few are rather fuzzy, and those aren't necessary for the flow of the tutorial, so you could take them down. But it's great either way.
Thanks for the idea. I have a BlackBerry and it's unstable with the cord attached. I modified the design and used two clips for the support. When bending in step two, I added a slight twist. Now the bottom of my phone has a cradle to sit in.
wow i spent HOURS making one for my psp, i came here an saw this an im like.................."WTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
I loved this idea so much that I took it a bit further and made myself a phone holder by adding another small binder clip to the top where the cap is and used a piece of wire to wire the end to the piece that is bended to hold it in place then used two smaller ones set at an angle for 'feet' and now when it's plugged in(since mine plugs in at the bottom of course it had to be the bottom) its now above the table with three feet to hold it in place. Looks odd but it works for now. So thanks for the idea. I will take a photo one day.
Thanks for this instructable. I was looking for cheap and easy way to build a stand for my SE K550i. I followed your instructions, but made a small modification. I replaced the "leg" of the binder clip you put the thumb drive cap on with a leg of a big binder clip which fit perfectly and makes for better support of my cell phone. (sry, no pic).
Nice idea. The photos are great, by the way. +4/5 stars.

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