Step 4: Enjoy Your Stand and Mod It

Picture of Enjoy Your Stand and Mod It
The result of Step 3 is a fully functional iPhone/iPhone 3G Binder Clip Stand Version 2.0.

I had an orphaned USB Thumb Drive cap in my desk drawer and it fit perfectly over top of the end of the binder clip to provide a large pad for the back of the phone and a bit more stability.

Be Creative! Look around and see if there is something you can re-purpose to make your iPhone Binder Clip Stand more functional or with more style and send me a link of your creation.

If you want more info you can check out my original blog post at: http://www.richandstephsipe.com/wordpress/2008/11/20/iphone-binder-clip-stand-instructions/
Syren064 years ago
thanks nigelnation. The additional clip really helped!!
nigelnation6 years ago
Thanks for the idea. I have a BlackBerry and it's unstable with the cord attached. I modified the design and used two clips for the support. When bending in step two, I added a slight twist. Now the bottom of my phone has a cradle to sit in.
Thanks for this instructable. I was looking for cheap and easy way to build a stand for my SE K550i. I followed your instructions, but made a small modification. I replaced the "leg" of the binder clip you put the thumb drive cap on with a leg of a big binder clip which fit perfectly and makes for better support of my cell phone. (sry, no pic).