DIY black light from your phone! Fun to mess with and looks like a actual black light. Enjoy(:

Step 1: Stuff You'll Need

You'll need a dark purple & blue sharpie, some clear tape & your phone.

Step 2: Tape

Put your first piece of tape over the flash and color blue sharpie over it.

Step 3: Tape 2

Do that one more time with the blue sharpie.

Step 4: Tape 3

Color this one purple.

Step 5: Flash Light

Turn on the flash light and test it out by shining it on things like high lighter. It should look like the image up above.
<p>Didn't work for me, it make just a blue light! How I can fix it?</p>
<p>made it on my Samsung Note5 but I think the light must have been brighter than yours cause after 5 layers of tape - it was still just a blue/purple light but did not do any black light effects for me :(</p>
<p>Cool. I'm wondering how you came up with this?</p>
cool! works for GS5. though didn't excite a UV ink security pen... no real surprise there though.
Simple, effective &amp; useful. Love it. Thank you .
<p>I did the same sort of thing on a flashlight, it is so cool!</p>
so cool

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