IPhone Bluetooth Hack(make a Great Gift)





Introduction: IPhone Bluetooth Hack(make a Great Gift)

Don't be mean, this is my first instructable.

I made this because I was bored, here are the supplies.

iPhone gift card from BestBuy(Holiday Only)
Cheap $20 Bluetooth headset by Jabra at Best Buy
Hot glue
Packing tape
Bluetooth enabled phone(In this case, my new razr)

I'm not responsible if you destroy your headset and you can't get it working again.

Step 1: Pulling Apart the Headset

Start by pulling off the ear clip then the ear piece seal. Next, pull the battery and battery cover off, keep every thing for later on.

Step 2: Disconnecting the Speaker Unit

Next, you will carefully pull the speaker unit out after cutting both the black and red wires inside the casing with a knife. After that, you must cut off the extra casing section. (Refer to pictures)

Step 3: Reconnecting the Speaker Unit

Now you must reconnect the speaker unit by stripping the wires and using tweezers and hot glue to join them, make sure black is to balck and red is to red.

Step 4: Replacing the Seal

The ear piece seal you removed earlier, put it back on.

Step 5: Attaching the Cover

Take the iPhone gift card and place it face down, then refer to pictures for the positioning of it. Make sure the glue does not obstruct the speaker hole and use hot glue.

Step 6: Using It

Hook it up to a Bluetooth enabled phone, in my case, a V3xx Razr, then ENJOY, if you want, you can attempt to add a back cover.



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    Is your mom dead in the background

    maybe this device is to communicate with his dead mom in the backround?

    Lol I think that's his cousin, but I hope he knows people can still see her if they view this page on their iPhone (like I am now), or of you save it.

    just clicking the "i" in the corner reveals his sleeping thing on his couch.

    I got no idea what that all was about?!?!

    why not use a cheap iphone case

    I am confused too, do not really know what this does or why you put all of it together

    I have that same case!!!!

    I get it... Your making your ipod touch become a phone right? So you can talk through the bluetooth on your ipod into your phone in your pocket, so it appears you have an iphone... Nice

    set your camera to macro to reduce the blur