IPhone Cable Paracord


Introduction: IPhone Cable Paracord

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Here is my iPhone Charging Cable done up with a cobra weave, it looks awesome and it makes it more durable I think as well.



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    Id like to do the same to my LG wireless bluetooth headset.. It keeps wanting to slide this way and that.. Hoping a little weight in the middle and grip from 550 cord will keep it centered on my neck.

    How long was the cord

    it should be 1' for every 1" of braiding.

    i think it was some where around 15' to 20' hope this helps


    if you follow the weaving work in this Instructable that I did you can create the wrap around the iPhone cord.

    it's very simple guy's just do a cobra weave over the cord that's it. I only posted this because I basically wanted to just show you all what I did from other Instructables not how to make it.

    This is so cool, just show me how now