Introduction: IPhone Disassembly - a Guide Inside the IPhone

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A guide on how-to disassemble the iPhone. This guide is provided by

We've also posted a quick overview video on YouTube.

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Step 1: Unpacking the IPhone

Picture of Unpacking the IPhone

Picture 1 :The box. It is very stylish as is usual with Apple products.
Picture 2 : Inside the box. Here you can see the standard packaging and the first look at the beautiful display of the iPhone.
Picture 3:All of the accessories. It comes with a lot of standard items including the dock connector, mini power adapter, manuals, and headphones.
Picture 4: The iPhone by itself. Very sleek.
Picture 5: The activation screen.

Step 2: Opening the IPhone

Picture of Opening the IPhone

Picture 1: To open the case, it is first advised to protect the back casing if you are inexperienced. It is easy to slip and accidentally damage the casing.
Picture 2: It is best to overdo it since we will be using sharp metal tools that could very quickly damage the unit.
Picture 3: The first thing to do is remove the rubber backing. You will need to wedge your flat tool (such as a putty knife) into the groove and gently pry it up but to be careful not to bend the casing.
Picture 4: Once it is loosened, you can pop it off. It will generally bend backwards. There are a couple of clips holding it to the upper metal back casing so watch for those clips.
Picture 5: Once you have the rubber back off, there are two screws to remove. One is located near the middle.
Picture 6: The other is located to the far left.
Picture 7: After this, you will need to do start releasing the clips along the edge of the case between the front frame and the back case. This can be tricky and it is best to get your flat tool and slide it through the groove until you hear them pop as they release.

Step 3: Removing the Sim Card

Picture of Removing the Sim Card

Picture 1 : The sim card is held on a tray and slid into the slot as seen in the picture above.
Picture 2 : Gently start pulling up and away on the now partially freed front case. You will then be able to see the tray slightly move out enough to be able to grab the tray and pull it out.
Picture 3: The card with its tray is now free.

Step 4: Inside the IPhone

Picture of Inside the IPhone

Picture 1: Once the sim card is out, you can now free any remaining clips and flip the back case over and lay the two pieces side by side. You now get your first real look at the guts of the iPhone.
Picture 2: Pictured is the battery that is soldered to the logic board, so switching out the batteries are going to be a pain just like on the iPod nanos.
Picture 3: The headphone board is pictured above and is located on the back case to the right. It is very similar to the 3rd and 4th gen style iPod headphone board. It is attached by one cable that controls the audio to the headphone board and the power button.
Picture 4: The headphone board cable can simply be removed by gently prying up on the connection to the logic board.
Picture 5: There are several screws holding the front metal frame on which surround the LCD. There are three on each side.
Picture 6: There is a small gasket covering one screw on the right side of the dock connector on the bottom.
Picture 7: And two on the bottom.
Picture 8: And two on the top.
Picture 9: You can now remove the front metal frame.
Picture 10: Pictured above is the heat shield covering the logic board and the camera. There are three screws holding down the board. One is near the camera and the two longer screws are towards the sides.
Picture 11: You can pop off the camera by gently prying up on the connector to the main board.
Picture 12: There is a small piece of tape holding down one of the antenna cables. You can simply peel off the tape.
Picture 13: There are two accesible cables on the underside of the logic board. These can be popped off just like the other cables mentioned previously.
Picture 14: The battery is held on by adhesive to the front case and soldered to the logic board by three wires. It can be gently pryed up from the bottom to loosen the adhesive.
Picture 15: You can then pull back the logic board and you can see the LCD cable. It is one of the standard iPod connectors and can be tricky if you aren't experienced with them. The locking bar needs to be flipped up and then the cable can slide out.
Picture 16: The iPhone is now disassembled.


Tbus (author)2015-01-01

I'm enrolled in a learn at home iDevice Repair course and this was a great review of the iPhone screen replacement section and how to apply it in the real world! Thanks.

CrystalB01 (author)2014-05-29

Great! So how can I assemble it again?

knexboy586 (author)2012-05-29

it is a distructable

themetalburrito (author)2011-05-09

This guy doesn't know what he's doing. It doesn't take too much to know that opening a little gadget with a large tool isn't a good idea. Use a case opener tool.

fretshr3dder (author)2010-07-16

okay so some months ago, my dads first gen iphone had water spilled on the screen. no water got in, but within an hour the bottom half of the screen stopped working. then my first gen i touch broke. so we took them apart to switch the itouch screen with the iphone screen. unfortunately that didnt work. now that i put the iphone together, it doesnt work. my question is: do we need to keep the orange and black peices of tape in the iphone? and if so, were could i get some?

hellyeah (author)2009-02-01

that is simple , realy hard its my problem , my iphone fall donw and now the superiror part of the lcd dont assume touch , but everything worrks fine...images appear good , but the damm touch on superior part dont work... :( and i dont have garantie.

j_dog (author)hellyeah2009-12-29

if you go to ebay . com you can get the screen and everything. it's for like 100 dollars tho. other than that idk wat to do.

Kiteman (author)2007-07-03

I don't get it. It's a phone, so what? Granted, it's pretty, but my first thought when I saw a picture of it was; "that will never survive my pocket" - that screen will never survive life close to keys, coins, and in a container liable to fold in half whenever I sit down. And it's not as if it's easily fixable - one fault or crack in that screen, the whole phone is dead. Good grief, there's "geek" and there's "get a life".

masterochicken (author)Kiteman2009-11-11

Agreed. Touchscreens are a technology without practical application.

jamnoopers (author)Kiteman2007-08-14

let us see how strong the iPhone really is...

tristantech (author)jamnoopers2009-07-12

how could he! this makes me sad

Weissensteinburg (author)Kiteman2007-07-03

That's why you wear it on a stylish belt clip =P

Kiteman (author)Weissensteinburg2007-07-03

"That's why you wear it on a stylish belt clip..." it can clatter against your keys on their extending chain and your slide-rule (which you still carry to check the accuracy of your electronic calculator). >ducks

andrewjadams3 (author)Kiteman2007-07-04

It's honestly not the screen I'm worried about, seems from those photos it's protected pretty well. However, the iPhone does have a hard drive, and hard drives aren't exactly designed to be carried and bumped around in your pocket all day. A huge number of iPod hard drives fail within a year, and I'm expecting the same thing to happen here.

I would expect a higher quality frow apple. Has anyone ever dropped their iPhone (or iPod touch).? Does it still working?

chaoswolf313 (author)Hawaii000002008-08-20

I've dropped mine, twice. and not just a little bump n drop. I dropped mine 5 feet onto concrete. only a few nicks around the edges. second time it went bouncing across the floor. again, minimal damage. its a tough little bugger

It's not just the quality that matters, hard drives in general are like that.

Kiteman (author)andrewjadams32007-07-05

POwerbookmedic says it's not a hard drive - must be flash memory, so pretty safe impact-wise. I'm still not buying one, though.

powerbookmedic (author)Kiteman2007-07-05

It is flash ram (soldered on chips)...No moving parts is the upside, smaller storage space being the downside.

Weissensteinburg (author)Kiteman2007-07-03

Not if you wear a utility belt... |iPhone| |Beeper| |Small Digital Camera| |Fanny Pack| |Keys| |Calc| |Slide rule| |Security Mace| |Pens (if you don't have a breast pocket, which you should)| that order

Kiteman (author)Weissensteinburg2007-07-04

|Security Mace|

Now that really wouldscratch your phone!

Weissensteinburg (author)Kiteman2007-07-04


Thanks to your ass falling off, the utility belt fell off and the mace crushed your iPhone... Sorry :(

nope, it was worn properly around my hips.

But the large chunk would cause the belt to go slack and it would fall ;-)

I don't wear it around my ass though.

No, you got to put it on a belt around your chest then, you know where the phone is, and you can show off!

Skyfinity (author)Kiteman2007-08-09

I recently found a editorial cartoon that portrayed the thinker sculpture with a thought bubble the read "i phone therefore i am". It is very true that apple wants to suck in as many mindless rich people as they can, but hey, thats there business. The i phone is a beautiful, sleek, and erginomical contraption. The technology behind it's touch screen is really neat, yet I can see how one may doubt its abiltity to be of great practical use in ones dayliy life. But that isn't the point. We have reached a brand new dawn in the world of technology. The first was a jump from analog to digital and from gears and pulley to crt's and circitry. This time we move from digital to the beyond digital. We are abandoning and breaking rules that have impeded our progress in the past and are opening the floodgates to release a sea of new ideas. The Apple iphone may not be all important, practical, or even functional, but it is an invention, a step forward. Millions are hellping that step reach farther and farther, And with each new idea the stride is lengthed. Is that not the purpose of this site? For minds to create, share, and build apon ideas? So please, don't belittle the iphone; think of some thing new yourself.

Kiteman (author)Skyfinity2007-08-11

As the great British philosopher said:

"Ooh, get her!"

Skyfinity (author)Kiteman2007-08-19

_ - 0 0 > ___ What?

Kiteman (author)Skyfinity2007-08-19

Sorry, it's camp British humour - you need to have grown up with Carry On films and Round The Horn radio shows to get it properly.

stranoster (author)Kiteman2007-09-29

Don't forget the Young Ones and the Goodies!

whatsisface (author)stranoster2007-09-30


Skyfinity (author)whatsisface2007-10-18

Me-sa crazy confused!

whatsisface (author)Skyfinity2007-10-18

English comedy show from the 80's.

iman (author)Kiteman2007-07-04

- one fault or crack in that screen, the whole phone is dead.
That would be why you get the apple care plan :)

j_dog (author)2009-05-15

these guys should go deeper. i took out the port and need to replace it. (the port) and there are some parts i need to remove from the old port to put on the new one.

LinuxH4x0r (author)2008-01-01

but will it blend? :P

It blends! lol iSmoke!

daniel! (author)LinuxH4x0r2009-02-01

those videos are hilarious. they had they guy come on that show time warp and they did a bunch of slow-mo's of him throwing random stuff in a blender

hydrnium.h2 (author)2008-08-05

Can you add memory?

andyward82 (author)2008-03-14

I'd happily buy it off you! Or you could swap it for my LG Viewty? How's that?!

rockyt (author)2007-07-03

now microwave it.

powerbookmedic (author)rockyt2007-07-03

Ha. No need to do that. The phone still works no one needs a guide on how to microwave an iPhone.

I do. What power setting should I use? Will my iPhone have extra features after I've microwaved it? He he.

LasVegas (author)paulgeering2007-07-03

What power setting should I use?

Use the Full Power setting for 14-16 minutes. Ignore the sparks. They're normal.

Will my iPhone have extra features after I've microwaved it?

Yes! It will activate the all black theme. It will also turn off the aggravating sound.

toogers (author)LasVegas2008-02-27

lol!!!!!111!111onethat is funny

HamO (author)LasVegas2007-07-03


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