Step 2: Opening the iPhone

Picture 1: To open the case, it is first advised to protect the back casing if you are inexperienced. It is easy to slip and accidentally damage the casing.
Picture 2: It is best to overdo it since we will be using sharp metal tools that could very quickly damage the unit.
Picture 3: The first thing to do is remove the rubber backing. You will need to wedge your flat tool (such as a putty knife) into the groove and gently pry it up but to be careful not to bend the casing.
Picture 4: Once it is loosened, you can pop it off. It will generally bend backwards. There are a couple of clips holding it to the upper metal back casing so watch for those clips.
Picture 5: Once you have the rubber back off, there are two screws to remove. One is located near the middle.
Picture 6: The other is located to the far left.
Picture 7: After this, you will need to do start releasing the clips along the edge of the case between the front frame and the back case. This can be tricky and it is best to get your flat tool and slide it through the groove until you hear them pop as they release.