Introduction: IPhone Gopro Case

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This is my entry for the 3d printing contest. This case gives you greater stability while using your gopro with the gopro app than you would get with a lcd screen. The idea was originally based off of the GoPhone case, check out the Kickstarter link here. The point is that you can film with your gopro while watching in the camera app. As I don't want to spend $100+ for the LCD backpac this comes in handy. And the camera is more steady, as it has the weight of the phone too, plus you have a handle!

Step 1: Start Out With a Case

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I started out with an iPhone 5 case, I have done this on many different cases such as the iPad mini, and Samsung Galaxy S5, you don't have to start out with an iPhone 5 case. I found many cases on thingiverse

Step 2: Add Gopro Mount

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I found some models of flat gopro mounts and added them on top of, but sunk into the case. Here is one of the mounts I found. Elevate the mount so it rests on top, but does not go into the part that your phone goes into.

Step 3: Decide How to Print

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My Makerbot Replicator 2 would need to make supports to print correctly, and it would be a pain to take the off, so I chose to use shapeways, and that cost me roughly $20. Here's the link to buy the iPhone 5 case: , I will be adding newer phones soon.

Step 4: Printing

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The one I got from shapeways arrived and fits perfectly, both the gopro, and the iPhone. If you want to print it at home, I printed mine at home with 100% infill for maximum strength, and with supports. Be careful when taking off the supports, I had to reprint mine after breaking the case while taking them off. Sand down the rough edges and make sure there is nothing that may scratch your phone.

Step 5: Test

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I made sure the Gopro and the iPhone slide in easily, don't force it too hard or the case or the iPhone may get damaged. I synced up my phone with the Gopro. Now instead of paying $80 for the lcd screen, you can print it at home. Here's the link to the video. Don't forget to vote for me in the 3d printing contest! If you have any questions on how to make it leave me a comment. Thanks!


paul the maker (author)2015-11-11

or you chold make one so you can turn your phone into a action cam

seamster (author)2015-06-11

Very cool!

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