Turn your iPhone into myPhone with this collection of 16 Instructables that help you hack your phone to make it perfect for you.  Jailbreak your phone, cheat at chess, or just replace your iPhone's screen: you'll find all this here and more!  Whether you want to make your phone look like new on the outside, or mess around with programing inside, you'll find an Instructable that shows you how to get the job done!
How to jailbreak your 1.1.4 or lower iPhone or iPod Touch style
How to jailbreak your 1.1.4 or lower iPhone or iPod Touch and install third party applications. WARNING: I will not be held responsible for damage done to your iPhone, iPod Touch or Computer. Howeve...
Jailbreak iOS5! style
There are many guides for jailbreaking your ipod or phone out there, but few show you how to jailbreak apples current version of iOS, version 5. (iOS5 is the current version of software as of 11/6/11)...
iPhone Disassembly - A guide inside the iPhone style
A guide on how-to disassemble the iPhone. This guide is provided by PowerbookMedic.comWe've also posted a quick overview video on YouTube. Do not copy or reproduce any contents of this manual withou...
Restoring an Iphone ( Front and Back) style
Seen a lot of threads of people wondering how to restore an iPhone so I decided to make a DIY guide Also pretty helpful if you want to de-brand your iPhone :P My previous iPhone was stolen at the...
Stream video to an iPad/iPhone for Free style
Apple’s iPad is a wonderful device for watching video, but the limited space on the cheaper 16GB device can limit your selection. There are solutions, such as Netflix’s great app, but that requires a ...
iphone headphone adapter style
if there are any other audiophiles out there who where disapointed to find out that their $300 headphones dont fit their iphone.. or any of a number of frustrating situations that arise from the rece...
Apple IPhone Headphone Jack Plug style
The headphone jack on the Apple IPhone has gotten a lot of bad press because it does not work with most standard headphones because it is recessed. That obvious annoyance has concealed another critic...
Control Stuff With Your iPod Touch/iPhone style
Create your own control panels on your iPod Touch or iPhone.  This instructable demonstrates how to use Control , a FREE app available from the iTunes store.  It also demonstrates how to commu...
Create your own iPhone ringtones style
Here's how to create your own iPhone ringtones using GarageBand and iTunes.
How To Install Themes On A Jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch style
How To Install Themes On A Jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch using the summerboard application.
Guide To iPhone 4 Screen Replacement style
After having dropped my iPhone 4 while in its case and finding out the screen was cracked i was determine to find a fix. Before when i had an iPod touch 2nd generation the screen was easily removed by...
Removing Iphone screen scratches style
Having trouble removing scratches from that tough as nails screen? There is a way, but it takes a lot of elbow grease.
Apple iTouch/iPhone Hacks and firmware rollback  style
This instructable will show how to modify SOFTWARE on the Apple iTouch or iPhone. This will allow loading and modification of the firmware and use of opensource and third party software. These apps ar...
IPhone Photo Panoramas style
There's no wide-angle lens on an iPhone, but that won't stop you from making wide shots. There's an app called AutoStitch (from Cloudburst Research) which gives good results if you learn how to use it...
How to cheat at chess using an iphone or ipod touch style
This is an instructables on how to cheat at chess using an iphone or ipod touchit will take about a minuite to get runningNo jailbreaking neededIts increadibly simple and will make you win at chess ag...
Secretly watch what's happening no matter where you are. style
This instructable will show you how to use the iphone/ipod touch app "iCam" and your computer to see what's happening using your webcam wherever you are. This is my first instructable, so please, no ...