*Updated Dec. 9, 2009.*
I had some lenses from various sources sitting around and wanted to devise an easy way to use them with my camera phone to take magnified pictures and videos.  At first, I just had small metal bezels that I used to hold the lenses up to the camera lens.  This was clumsy and upon getting the camera close enough to focus, all of the light was crowded out.  These are the problems I intended to solve with this device.  This is what I came up with.  
Mine is built specifically for the iPhone.  However, you can adjust the design to fit the phone you have.  I am aware of the magnification apps for the iPhone that use digital magnification.  They do not achieve the same magnigication strength and clarity as optical magnification. 
 *Step 7 is the update.

Video of an ant war captured with this device:

Step 1: You Will Need:


Center Punch
Drill (drill press is best)
Soldering iron


Jar lid (I used a lid from a pickle jar)
Lenses (from scrapped cameras)
3/4" Suction cup
Rubber O ring that fits around the "mushroom" part of suction cup
White LED
JST Connector (scrapped computer)
Small piece of extra wire
Switch (AM/FM switch from old walkman)
3v battery holder and battery (scrapped computer)
Super glue
Hot glue or silicone

All of these materials (except the glue) were easily scavenged.  I have a case on my iphone.  Many cases leave a hole to reveal the Apple symbol on the back.  This makes a perfect place to consistently attatch the suction cup in the same place, but I had a hard time finding the perfect sized suction cup to fit that hole so I ended up buying a pack.
&nbsp;Flight of the Conchords came up with a better design.<br /> <a href="http://www.hbo.com/conchords/img/showyourlove/fun_cameraphone.jpg" rel="nofollow">www.hbo.com/conchords/img/showyourlove/fun_cameraphone.jpg</a><br />
way to one up somebody and their hard work they've done on their instructable.<br>Sorry but that is a big pet peeve of mine. Just like the guys who come around and say: Well i made such and such 20 years ago! And then describe this big elaborate design or what ever basically ending with a &quot;but yours is cool too&quot; note.<br><br>cool link, but being better or not is a matter of opinion. <br><br>oh well im replying to spam anyway. lol.
this comment was awesome! LOL, i so agree with you though.
Wow. I don't have an iPhone, but this still looks really cool. It didn't look like it would work, but the pictures blew me away. 5 Stars.
Thanks! It will work with any camera phone. Just find agood place to attatch the suction cup and measure the radius to the camera.
This may work on my Motorola Razr also.<br /> Good Instructable!<br />
Nice project, could make a great field magnifier+camera.<br />
Pretty cool.<br /> <br /> Have you tried aiming the LED forward?&nbsp; They tend to be direcitional, and you might get better light if you aim it so the dome is pointing at whatever you're taking a photo of.<br />
I haven't.&nbsp; I'll have to give it a shot.&nbsp; The&nbsp;stronger lenses have a short&nbsp;focal length so they need to be really close to what they are magnifying.&nbsp; I may, in the future redo it with surface mount diodes.&nbsp;&nbsp;Those would&nbsp;face straight out.&nbsp;&nbsp;I have used it with a light table and that works great.&nbsp; &nbsp;
this has steampunk potential....<br />
<p>Definitely.&nbsp; I'll probably spruce it up a little.<br /> &nbsp;</p>
Thanks everyone! I'll try to post some more pictures soon.
Hey,<br /> <br /> I really like this, it's simple, and effective! Great job on this, can't wait for more =D<br />
wow cool!<br />
Wow....that is very cool.<br />
Very interesting!<br />

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