Step 7: Update

I did a little more work on my magnifier.  I installed a spring with a slider to automatically keep the lenses flush with the camera lens, added a cover for the battery, cut away most of the rim for the jar lid, built up around the lenses with a two part epoxy putty,   lined it with reflective aluminum tape, glued brass rings around the lenses, and finished the edges with tool handle dip. 
&nbsp;Flight of the Conchords came up with a better design.<br /> <a href="http://www.hbo.com/conchords/img/showyourlove/fun_cameraphone.jpg" rel="nofollow">www.hbo.com/conchords/img/showyourlove/fun_cameraphone.jpg</a><br />
way to one up somebody and their hard work they've done on their instructable.<br>Sorry but that is a big pet peeve of mine. Just like the guys who come around and say: Well i made such and such 20 years ago! And then describe this big elaborate design or what ever basically ending with a &quot;but yours is cool too&quot; note.<br><br>cool link, but being better or not is a matter of opinion. <br><br>oh well im replying to spam anyway. lol.
this comment was awesome! LOL, i so agree with you though.
Wow. I don't have an iPhone, but this still looks really cool. It didn't look like it would work, but the pictures blew me away. 5 Stars.
Thanks! It will work with any camera phone. Just find agood place to attatch the suction cup and measure the radius to the camera.
This may work on my Motorola Razr also.<br /> Good Instructable!<br />
Nice project, could make a great field magnifier+camera.<br />
Pretty cool.<br /> <br /> Have you tried aiming the LED forward?&nbsp; They tend to be direcitional, and you might get better light if you aim it so the dome is pointing at whatever you're taking a photo of.<br />
I haven't.&nbsp; I'll have to give it a shot.&nbsp; The&nbsp;stronger lenses have a short&nbsp;focal length so they need to be really close to what they are magnifying.&nbsp; I may, in the future redo it with surface mount diodes.&nbsp;&nbsp;Those would&nbsp;face straight out.&nbsp;&nbsp;I have used it with a light table and that works great.&nbsp; &nbsp;
this has steampunk potential....<br />
<p>Definitely.&nbsp; I'll probably spruce it up a little.<br /> &nbsp;</p>
Thanks everyone! I'll try to post some more pictures soon.
Hey,<br /> <br /> I really like this, it's simple, and effective! Great job on this, can't wait for more =D<br />
wow cool!<br />
Wow....that is very cool.<br />
Very interesting!<br />

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