Picture of iPhone Photo Panoramas
Stop Press! iOS6 and Olloclip have made this 'Ible out of date but it's here as a bit of history now. There's no wide-angle lens on an iPhone, but that won't stop you from making wide shots. There's an app called AutoStitch (from Cloudburst Research) which gives good results if you learn how to use it effectively.

Here's how I make pictures like this with it:
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Step 1: Building blocks

Picture of Building blocks
Digital panoramas are made by joining separate pictures together. The software looks for the best match between similar parts of different images. If you give it exactly the right information, it works really well.

Start by framing your first shot at one side of the area you want to cover. Let's say you want to work from left to right across a landscape scene. Take your first shot. Make a note of a key item in the picture. Move your phone camera across to the right a little way to take in some more of the scene. It should look a little different -- but not too different, so make sure you include the same key item in it. You are aiming to give the app plenty of overlap to work on. Continue the process, changing your key items as you go. Sharp, clear edges work best as places where joins will work well.

I've shown my "key items" in the seven separate pictures here by adding image notes for you to read:

Step 2: Second shot

Picture of Second shot
Notice the re-framing across the scene to the right but the second shot still includes the key items from the first shot.

Step 3: Third shot

Picture of Third shot
Keep moving across the scene, looking for suitable overlapping areas for good joins.

Step 4: Shot 4

Picture of Shot 4
Just keep going, thinking about good clear overlaps.

Step 5: Shot 5

Picture of Shot 5

Continue as before.

Step 6: Shot 6

Picture of Shot 6
Repeat the technique.

Step 7: Shot 7

Picture of Shot 7
The last one in this series.

Step 8: AutoStitch

Picture of AutoStitch
Use the AutoStitch app to pull in all the shots in your series. Then simply ask it to stitch them together.
ledsign3 years ago
It's very cool!
peterbryenton (author)  ledsign3 years ago
Thank you.
trevor36934 years ago
Not to be mean but look up 360 panorama in the app store. Way faster especially in good light.
peterbryenton (author)  trevor36934 years ago
Thanks Trevor, I'll take a look. How do we all keep up with these apps? Comments here are one worthwhile way to share info :)