Introduction: IPhone Prank

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this is a very funny prank where the person will believe that they're getting a real phone. also a very good prank for secret Santa. this is a good low budget prank.

Step 1: Materials

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You need
•an iPhone case
•an iPhone paper cutout on homescreen. You can also use one of those cardboard phone things from iPhone cases.
•scrap paper on 2-3 inch spuares

Step 2: Making the "phone" Have Thickness

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this us where you need the scrap paper. you fold it like in the picture above. then you attach the folded paper to the phone with tape.

Step 3: Finishing

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you can set the finished phone just in the phone slot or you can tape it in. tape makes it have weight so I recommend it. you can wrap it up or just give it to the person. thanks for reading this!

Step 4:


BradBuilds (author)2015-12-02

so cruel!

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