Introduction: IPhone Safe Bank

Step 1: Get Any Case That Came With a IPhone or IPod

Now the case Im using is a iPhone 5c case so some people might have other problems.Ok the first thing is take all the stuff out but leave the headphone holders.

Step 2: Ok Get the Money

I prefer only get like 5 or less bill at once in the case

Step 3: Now Put the Money Into the Case

Put the Money in the case usually try to keep them straight

Step 4: Now Put the Headphone Holder on Top of the Money

What it says up there

Step 5: Ok Final Step Put the Rest of the Stuff on Top of It

Ok this is the end and people who saw my last post I'm sorry I hope this one makes up for it


phodso made it! (author)2014-10-24

I have just one question, can't just any burglar open it up and look inside it by taking off the paper on the top? My suggestion is to maybe put a mini lock on it to make it more secure.

nerfrocketeer made it! (author)2014-02-17


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