IPhone Stand From Cassette Tape Case





Introduction: IPhone Stand From Cassette Tape Case

These are the steps to turn a good ol' cassette tape case into an iPhone stand.

Step 1: Open the Cassette Tape Case All the Way As Shown

Step 2: The IPhone Stand Is Ready for Use.

Step 3: Ta Daa!



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    Simply, cheap, elegant and awesome phone holder. Thanks :D

    Think I'm gonna try this for my wife's HTC phone. I like the idea of covering with cloth to prevent scratches. I've seen these cassette cases, with the old cassette tape, for sale at the Salvation Army store for 'fitty' cents each ! :)

    its works with my ipod touch 4th gen, i even wrap the case with cloth so it wont make a scratch on my ipod. it cool idea

    Congratulations :))

    I finded same solution for ipod

    Ediz Yazicioglu
    From Turkey

    Doesn't really work well for the iPod Touch, unfortunately... I'll either have to find a better cassette case or a way to pack the bottom of this one. I guess the iPhone is just a smidgen longer top to bottom than the iPod Touch? Or am I just using an extra large cassette case? :P

    "Daddy, what's a cassette?"

    Seeing cassette cases makes me feel old.

    You realise there's teenagers around today who don't know what a record is?

    Simple, and practicle. To bad I don't have any of these laying around anymore!