DIY iPhone Tripod Mount - easy and cheap!

After browsing lots of instructables on various ways to make a tripod mount for my iphone I decided i needed to invent my own.  The primary feature I wanted was the ability to have a secure mount that didn't require me to remove my case.  I also needed it to hold my phone in both the horizontal and vertical positions.  And I didn't want to pay more than a few dollars for it either.  Well, I found my answer while browsing Home Depot.  This mount holds my iphone so securely that I can even rotate my tripod 90 degrees and take time lapse of the clouds or the ants if I want to and there is not even a mark left on the screen or the case.  Read on to see what I found...
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Step 1: Materials Needed

1 - Tarp Shark - $0.97  Link to product on
1 - 1/4" x 20 nut - $0.06  Link to product on  - This is a link to a box of 100, but you can buy just one at Home Depot
1/2 stick Mighty Putty - ~$5.00 Link to product on
1 - box knife - Example of the kind of knife I used
Wax Paper

Time Required: 20 minutes assembly, 24 hours to let the putty cure

Step 2: Cut 1 Stick of Mighty Putty in Half

Open the tube of Mighty Putty and cut the stick in half.  Rewrap the half you are not going to use tightly with saran wrap so it doesn't dry out.  Massage the two colors of putty together until they become a gray blob.  You will feel the ball begin to heat up in your fingers.  This is an exoethermic chemical reaction taking place in the putty and is normal.  

After the blob is uniform in color, mold the putty around the half of the tarp shark that looks like the tail.  This is not the side with the teeth.  Make sure to cover all of the plastic with the putty and tap the shark on a piece of wax paper on a table to flatten out the bottom of the putty.

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