IPhone App Mosaic.





Introduction: IPhone App Mosaic.

 Have you ever wanted pretty pictures on your iPhone? Too bad. You don't have an iPhone? Too bad.

I have a mosaic of a Hylian shield on my iPhone. They're not actually apps, either. They're links to a web picture of the shield.

Step 1: Finding a Picture

 I chose the shield because it was cool and fit on the screen nicely, even though I ended up sizing it wrong and cutting off the bottom.

So don't make my mistake.

Step 2: Sizing Your Picture

 Size the picture so it neatly fits on the iPhone's screen, but leave room for the dock. Then imagine the pictures squares (4x4 with spaces bigger on the horizontal) and zoom to that first area.

Step 3: Add Them to Your Home Screen!

 It's easier if you have a clean page filled before it, as you don't have to move anything around, but id doesn't really matter. When you have your first square, (remember the square is the top of the screen and 2 inches down the screen) press the plus at the bottom and press Add to Home Screen. Name the shortcut "." or something small. No pictures for this step because if you can't get this right you don't even need an iPhone.

Step 4: Keep Going...

Repeat the last 2 steps until you have a mosaic. You may need to re-order them if you don't have a clean-cut page before it.



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    Here's a better picture

    When I tri to do this a white line came under the icon is there anything I can do to get rid of it or..

    I tried this and thought it was wonderful! If anyone has time and an iPhone, go ahead and try this!

    Try using iconoclasm, if applicable, to make them shoved together so you can make it lok better.

    I like this idea very much ! im gonna give it a try

    Already finished ! This is soo cool !! look at mine !!

    Instructable Bot mosaique.jpg

    That is just awesome!

    dude thanks im doing this pic to this is awesome

    can you do this on a touch