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Since our laptop stand instructable was such a hot topic on Instructables, here’s our sequel.

Don’t know what to do with your iPhone box after you have opened it? Re-use your iPhone box and Makedo's reusable pins and clips available at mymakedo.com to make this simple iphone stand for your desk. If not an iPhone be creative and find any unwanted phone box.

If you’re a real techie, create other stands and give everything else it’s place too - never lose any of your gadgets again. Try one for your iPad, tablet, remote controls or Wii console.

Step 1: Find

Picture of Find
Find the lid of your iPhone box, alternative boxes of a similar size can be used for this project.
gmonsivais1 year ago

man... my ipod comes in this plastic-glass case

anybody have spare iphone packaging

This is cool! I am going to make this!