I will be showing you how to do stuff with your iPhone or iPod you didn't know or knew you could do. Most of these secrets work for iPads too. Camera stuff only works with iPod 4, iPhone 4 or 4S, and all iPhone- iPod 5s, Enjoy!

Step 1: Screen Shots

A lot of people know how to do screen shots, but for those who don't you press down the lock screen button down the same time you press the home button down, then quickly release. You will have token a picture of what was on your screen!
<p>That assistivetouch thing is really cool! I'm always worried about those buttons breaking, so it's good to know that I have other options. Thanks!</p>
These weren't really helpful to me? I already new what to do and I really think u should look up more tricks cause everyone knows how to do them no helpful at all??
<p>it was not helpfull to me.. cause i already knw these things tell us something new.. please</p>
These aren't really secrets since it states all of these in the getting started booklet that comes with the device
Exactly what I said
<p>Well, I liked your tutorial because I never read the booklets that come with anything. :P</p>
<p>Great information</p>
For invert colors you can toggle triple click home to do it like me. I did learn some things so thanks!
cool also when ure taking a pic push the volume up button and it takes a pic
Hi.. great tips. thanks!
This is a great guide! I didn't know about the inverted colors! I turned it on and went to camera, and it acts as night vision! This could come in handy for a Nerf war! ;) Good job!
I found most of these out by looking thought settings.
Thank you brianadkison! I thought people would like to know the secrets!
just the screenshot secret was worth the whole instructable! I never knew that and had to try it instantly... works awesome! Thanks again.
Thanks aqua 12!
Cool and very helpful

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