IPhone / iPod Touch binder clip stand with cable provision UPDATED

Picture of iPhone / iPod Touch binder clip stand with cable provision UPDATED
Inspired by others (thanks guys you know who you are) I decided to make a stand for my iPod Touch 3G (which doesn't come with a stand)  using that stationary staple.........binder clips. Although some clever designs have been shown before, I wanted one that could accept the charging cable so it could sit on my desk all day.

I've been reading the site for ages and kept meaning to contribute (although I'd thought my first instructable would be something spectacular not this !!!) .........but hope this is of interest to some.

UPDATE - I've added some more detail is steps 4 and 5 - enjoy :-)

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Step 1: The build list

Picture of The build list
For this stand you will need :

2 x Large binder clips
2 x Medium binder clips
2 x Small binder clips

Alternatively variations on the above and some time to work out how to assemble them so it works for you :-)

1 x Pair of pliers (Grips for those not in the UK) or a multitool or really strong fingers
15 x minutes (including making a coffee and drinking it whilst admiring your new stand)

Step 2: Step 2 - Assembly

Picture of Step 2 - Assembly
Step 3.jpg
Step 4.jpg
You wont need specialist equipment or clothing for this project but if you feel like it by all means wear ear defenders, goggles and a chainmail suit. Once you feel safe to continue begin assembly.

1) Inserting the iPod cable now prevents serious risk of fingers being pinched at a later time
2) Bending the 'handles' of the smallest binder clip will allow your iPhone or iPod to rest on the stand without it falling off - this step is highly recomended. You may need to adjust the angle later for a perfect fit
3) Final pictures in this step show the most tricky bit......ensure the final large binder clip 'feels secure - moving it backwards and forwards alters the angle that your iPod will rest at.

beth5634 months ago

Nearly broke my hand clipping large clip onto back of the large clip. #3 instruction. Do you need a pair of pliers or extreme strength? Kind of disappointing.

redex7774 years ago
I just happened to have all the clips and tools at work, so I completed a similar cradle for my HTC Evo in about 20 minutes. I spent most of my time struggling with my little foldable pliers trying to bend those darn metal "handles" :) Thank you so much for the design. This is the first thing I have ever made with binder clips, and I'm sure I'll find more awesome uses for these guys.

Here is a picture if you want to see it:
delta19985 years ago
you should enlarge the pictures.

jukie5 years ago
Great idea, but I agree with FazJaxton.  From the picture, I don't know how the smallest binder clips are attached, nor how the second large one is used/attached.  Please clarify, because I have my binder clips and I'm ready to make it!
FazJaxton5 years ago
Nice design!  A little more description of how to put it together would be helpful.  Something like "Hold open the large binder clip, and clip one medium binder clip to the lower lip.  About 1/3 of it should hang off to the side.  Repeat for other binder clip."  It's a little hard to see from just the pictures what is going on.