Introduction: IPhone Smartphone DIY Powerbank

Picture of IPhone Smartphone DIY Powerbank

Materials/Tools Needed

12"x12" Flexiglass Clear in 5mm thicknes
Xacto knife
Scoring Blade
Soldering Iron 30w
Soldering Leads
Red & Black wires ( for electronic)
Elect Tape
Mighty Bond (quickdry epoxy)
Vinyl floor tiles (new) 1pc only-i used excess spare from other projects made before.
USB step up pcb 3.7 to 5v dc

Step 1: Cutting FlexiGlass

Picture of Cutting FlexiGlass

Using rotary power tools is a big advantage,.But i dont have it as of now,but planning to have soon.
And yes,i did it doing the old school method of cutting flexiglass,.im doing this since.,for starters,make a layout directly on flexiglass using pencil initially,.then slightly mark all the layout using exacto knife,.to avoid erasures of the layouts pattern.then score the pattern layout both sides of the flexiboard,.leaving deep marks enough to break it apart accordingly to your pattern.
Then bond them together using quickdry epoxy.

Step 2: Plan

Picture of Plan

Plan all the necessary components needed for the project,such as the USB step up circuits,switch & 18650 batteries.
Then arrange it the way you want it.,placing it on top or in its either side of the case.
My initial plan was to use a Car USB adapter with 2 USB discharge port that can charge to devices at the same time.,thats why i end up building a case like this,.but i changed my mind.,i got a source,that offer 2 pcs of USB step up,wth charging/discharging port + 3 18650 in 2200 mah per battery + 2 powerbank new cases.,i grabbed it for only P500 for the all the set of stuff.,So,the case was too big for the chips im going to use,.anyway i finally decided to move on the project doing no alteration with the flexiglass case anymore.

Step 3: Installing Components

Picture of Installing Components

Preparation and installation of the components such as USB chips,Switch & Batteries are very important.,thats why creating a pattern layout i a must instead of directly putting it together,.that will end up on more errors in installations.

Step 4: Battery/Wirings

Picture of Battery/Wirings

Battery connections are very easy,i used of course the Parallel connections as required by the USB pcb specs,to achieve the desired mah capacity,& to gain a fixed 3.7v
See the picture how battery works.
•wirings are not so difficult seen in Battery works image.You'll just end up with two wires..Red is the Positive +. And Black is the Negative -
Connect the Red + wire to the 1st terminal of the switch ,then solder another Red wire on 2nd terminal of the switch that will be connected on
B+ terminal of the USB chipset,then the negative Black wire from then battery will be soldered on the B- Negative terminal of the USB chipset.,Thats it.,its all done.,Double check all youre wire connections,if everything was right,.You can switch on or fire up the switch,.Use Multi tester if in doubt.,connect it using the USB cable that came with your device or phone connect it & switch on,.if the Led blue light emits that means it is discharging its juice to your device.Then test the micro usb charge port using your phones charger,if Red Led light emits,.that means its charging the batteries.,Almost done.,lets go & run some test.

Step 5: Run a Test

Picture of Run a Test

Red light -charging PBank batteries
Blue light- recharging devices
•Blue and Red light will auto stop when it meets battery full charge state.

•Powerbanks like this are compatble to any device with USB compliant.

Step 6: Test Results

Picture of Test Results

I closely monitored all the tests and indeed the result was achieved,.This DIY project was really satisfying,The new 18650 batterries i bought was a Real Capacity of 2200 mah/battery,as promised i fully charged it first for 9 hrs,Since each 2200 mah bat requires 3 hrs to fully charge.,And it did successfully full charge my iPhone 3 times,.i usually charge my iphone when it reaches low batt status Of 20%...,.And this project do what i expected.
I hope this project help those who want to build their own Powetbank.,without the need of expensive powertools.

Facts to Share:
•How long do I need to charge the powerbank for the first time and subsequent time?/ How many times can a powerbank charge my phone?
a) powerbank is already pre-charged and ready to use.
b) Re-charging time depends on the capacity of the powerbank, remaining power in the powerbank and the power supply.
-Powerbank: 13000mAh (0% remaining)
-Power Supply/ Input: 1000mA plug
-Calculation: 13000mAh/ 800mA = minimum 16.25 hours
(Why 800mA? An estimate of 20% power is consumed during the charging/ discharging process)
c) Similar formula applies to calculate number of times a powerbank can charge a phone.
-Powerbank: 10000mAh (full at 90%)
-Phone Battery: 1500mAh
-Calculation: (10000mAh x 90% x 80%) / 1500mAh = up to 5 times
(Why 90%? Assuming the power bank is well maintained in good working condition and can conserve up to 90% power)
(Why 80%? An estimate of 20% power is consumed during the charging/ discharging process)
* Note that the calculation is based on normal condition whereby the powerbank or device (phone/ tablet) is not in use during charging process. A running device generally consumes power therefore if your device is actively in use during the charging process, the charging performance may not meet the expectation.
* The above calculations are examples made simple for easy reference. Accuracy may vary.

Step 7: Upgraded

Upgraded PowerBank link:


WesM11 (author)2016-07-18

I found a similar USB module on amazon. It looks extremely different but does the same exact thing. The mini USB port is used to charge the power bank and the full size usb is used to charge devices with the power bank.

rodski (author)WesM112016-07-18

That's expensive for just a chip module or a buck converter.,though it can discharge up to 3 Amps capacity.,Yet you can buy a high capacity powerbank with that.,But if your project requires more than 1 Amp supply.,you can go ahead and get it.,But if you're going to need it as regular back up charger for your phone & other devices that is very pricey.,Here you can buy a powerbank with that price:

WesM11 (author)2016-07-16

Where can I buy that USB step up board? None of the ones I can find have a charging port for the batteries.

rodski (author)WesM112016-07-17

i bought it from a electronic store near my place.,you can buy it online(almost similar to the one i use here)

you can find the

Step up power module

ShivamC8 (author)2016-06-27

Where do I get the usb modules & where is the recharging micro usb connected?

rodski (author)2015-12-16

i bought mine from cdrking @ 100/pc 18650 1200mah brand new.,you can buy a branded 18650 (samsung) in malls.,but i dont buy marked capacity 18650 like fake ones(ultrafire).,2nd hand Laptop batteries can be bought from greenhills,raon or rollsroyce computer shop & other conputer repair shop.range from P500 up it depends on brands.Hope that answers your quirries.

JanR31 (author)2015-12-02

where can i find a step-up regulator?? can i find it from old electronics?

rennierr (author)JanR312015-12-15

You can buy at eBay, it so cheap $0.99 per piece and you can add tp4056 for charging and protection of the batteries

rennierr (author)2015-12-15

are you a Filipino??? Can I know where did you buy 18650 batts from?? Brand new would be okay but used 18650 from laptop batteries is myfirst priority

rodski (author)2015-11-24

That stepdown module link you posted should work.,but you should use an 18650 battery holder with it so you can pull them out to charge your battery on 18650 battery charger.,and wire your 3 batteries in series to produce 11.1 vdc at least., or wire all your 8* 18650 batteries in series.,Hope that helps.

rodski (author)2015-11-24

1.Yes,mine is made out of red pcb & it discharge 5 vdc.
2.I haven't tried doing more than 3*18650 in parallel yet but i've seen an ibles here same to my project,but he uses 4x18650 in parallel,yet the maker claimed he do not encounter problems with it.Since you got 8 pcs of 18650.,i suggest you make 2 powerbanks out of it.,
3.I charge this directly on the powerbank with my charger.,the chip module used here have charging port(microusb) & discharging power through USB-A female port.
4.It's possible to charge 2 devices at once if you use dc to dc converter with 2 usb female output.,i've seen those chips were design to output 1 Ah on 1st usb port & 2.1 Ah in it's 2nd port.And can discharge while the powerbank charging itself.
Hope that helps.Thanks & good luck on your project!

lkomnino (author)2015-11-24


1) If you use USB with red PCB, will output be 5v? As should comply with 'quick charge' for my xperia Z3+(Z4).

2) What is limit on cells for parellel, Have 8x 18650's available.

3) This isn't wired for balanced charge, how do you charge yours?

4) Is it possible to charge two devices at once or will the current be halved (unless two separate usb units)

Great build, and also would like to attatch this to a little solar panel i picked up from Lidl (UK) for trickle charge top-up.

Keep up the great work.

lkomnino (author)lkomnino2015-11-24

Lke this one:

rodski (author)2015-11-21

Check the following:
•your wiring
•your battery-it could be empty(full charge it first),or your using dead battery.
•test your dc to dc converter using multimeter. 

LET ME (author)2015-11-21

Why not charge iphone?

rodski (author)2015-09-04

@ejsixthman to understand more "how powerbank works" read the article here:

rodski (author)2015-09-04

check the project here:

ejsixthman (author)2015-09-03

how to know if the battery is fully charged [using led

rodski (author)ejsixthman2015-09-03

Red light -indicates charging PBank batteries
Blue light- indicates recharging devices
•Blue and Red LED light indicator will auto stop when it meets battery full charge state.

ejsixthman (author)rodski2015-09-04

how did you indicates it

ejsixthman (author)rodski2015-09-04

can you teach me the circuit

ejsixthman (author)2015-09-03

how to assemble it

rodski (author)ejsixthman2015-09-03

I used quickdry epoxy to assemble its housing.

ejsixthman (author)rodski2015-09-04

no no the led dude can you teach me ? and my

rodski (author)2015-07-08

@artm5 aka armi 1806
Really you work in lockheed.,good for you!,seems like your running out of ideas thats why you here?!,to get some good prototype ideas..,right?,go deeper in dig more.Anyone can say they work from some top companies.,claim it man,show us some proof.,you are just jealous for you havent prove anything yet.,Come on,this site is a friendly site,your not making any sense here.Check out my other DIY articles,your calling kindergarten science project.,You are degrading this site,and everybody now and the site maintained & established by MIT scientist & students,"and you said do more instructables and your having a good laugh out there!.,in where?.,in lockheed?.,really ?,Hey,get back to work ,.we need those rockets next week!!show us what you got.,instead of saying those blah blah! :-)

artm5 (author)2015-07-08

@RodumbmofoS1 I clearly Stated " FOR EXAMPLE, IF you put 3A" I didn't say "IT WILL PUT OUT 3A". I didn't Say your "project" didn't work, I said it wasn't Safe aka Janky. If you get a short anywher before the tp4056 then your battery will blow up or whats known as venting. Powerbanks with fixed batteries are protected batteries so they don't need vents. Anything that takes 18650 or any other high drain/high amp battery NEEDS a vent. Why do you think every mod both Mechanical and Regulated mods that take a 18650/18350/26650 has vents. Your just some guy who learned how to solder and now thinks he's an engineer. I have an actual degree in electrical engineering and I work for lockheed which is thee top elec. engineering corporation. We're the ones who make electronics for the US Militarys(USAF) drones and Tesla's cars. I work on REAL electronics and Build REAL prototypes and not some kindergarten science projects like you(maybe try kindergarten sometime, you can learn how to read/write correctly). Keep doing instructables, we all love a good laugh around here

RodolfoS1 (author)2015-06-11

Dont be confuse,im the author of this instructables replying on your funny comment."So learn more about circuits before you post a DIY about them"
•Did you read the whole DIY article i made.,You missed the soldering part.

•Welcome to instructables
•looking forward to see your 1st DIY here.

RodolfoS1 (author)2015-06-11

Here are my builts so far others are'nt documented.,Amplifiers are not included yet.,i'll post a DIY for it soon:

RodolfoS1 (author)2015-06-11

1.No need for vent in powerbanks,their voltage are controlled by chip voltage controller,i havent seen a powerbank with battery holder inside & with vents,i soldered the battery terminals,& insulate with electrical tape,some powerbank were just soldered w/ no insulation either.,& they worked fine too.I make sure that this project work & tested before i sealed it of course
2.who told you that this powerbank can supply up to 3amp,you are wrong,it can only supply 1amp max because of the controller chip inside.
3.I know circuits,i built 6 of them now,they still works fine until today.,aside from powerbank i built amplifiers,computers,i fix cellphones.,
4.No offense.,upon checking you havent prove something or build anything yet.,im looking forward to see what you can built,.,Anyways,no one will attempt to built electronics unless they do understand what they're doing.
...Thanks for your comment.
By the way:can you
Show some images of powerbanks with vents.Are you kidding me.

armi1806 (author)2015-06-10

A few things you did(and didnt do)that could have ended up badly for people new to electrical circuits:
1) you need to make a vent for the batteries. If the batteries short(which is easy to do when you use electrical tape) and goes in to thermal runaway that sealed case is now a bomb.
2) When you combine the cells in parallel it DOES increase the mAh but it also increases the amperage. For example if the device your charging takes 500mA(.5A) and your putting 3000mA(3A) you are going to damage your device and may also cause a fire. Phones and houses are expensive now a days.
3) ELECTRICAL TAPE IS A TEMPORARY INSULATOR meaning not a permanent way to make electrical connection.
(electrical tape + no vent =BOMB)
Instead of tape use a 18650 battery holder, they have ones that hold 1/2/3/4 however many you would like. These holders are SAFER and are dirt cheap (especially when you compare it to the cost on burning down your house and/or causing severe injury). So learn more about circuits before you post a DIY about them. To you people who would like to make this device, the slightest bit research into circuits can do wonders in safety. Remember these are random people making these DIYs, NOT certified professionals by any means.

rodski (author)2015-02-12

The chips you showed was almost identical on the chips i used.,Yes,using 18650 batteries would be an advantage.Use what is available for you,& using NiMh can also be applied.,higher NiMh mah is needed ( at least 2800mah)

bnvon (author)2015-02-12

do i have to use 18650 batteries? Can i use Ni-Mh batteries instead? Thanks in advance

bnvon (author)2015-02-12

how do you make that LED light? Is it the step up built in ??

rodski (author)bnvon2015-02-12

yes,the LED was built in on chips.

bnvon (author)rodski2015-02-12

Is this the one you use?

jalke116 (author)2015-02-10

Where can you by the usb step up PCB locally in the phlippines?

rodski (author)2015-02-06

Module chipset link:

Step up power module

rodski (author)2015-02-04

@Tater Zoid,glad you appreciate it.Yes you can do it too. :-)

rodski (author)2015-01-08


rodski (author)2015-01-08

You can use a Step Up chipset (3.7vdc to 5vdc)
Or Step down chipset (12vdc to 5vdc)

aeranjon.dirakkurazu (author)2015-01-08

what is the name of the usb chip orhow will i search for the usb chip in elect shop sorry im a filipino

rodski (author)2014-10-19

@stormchaserforu-glad u liked it! :-)

stormchaserforu (author)2014-10-19

Thank you for sharing

rodski (author)2014-09-04

Been upgraded
Check this link

rodski (author)2014-09-02

@dan3008.,u right,.there's no fun in buying & its really fun to build. :-)

dan3008 (author)2014-09-02

Nice. Time to get buying/building. Looks alot cheaper then buying a powerbank ready made :)

rodski (author)2014-09-01

@Tater Zoid,vikyleon64,seamster
Glad u all liked it :-)

Tater Zoid (author)2014-09-01

I will build one someday. Thanks for sharing.

vikyleon64 (author)2014-09-01

ottimo e ingegnoso

seamster (author)2014-09-01

Thanks for sharing this!

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