iPod boombox made from speakers, a box, and an iPod

Step 1: Items

You will need a cheap box with a handle (I got one from Marshall's, $6), an iPod (any sort), and some speakers that DON'T need external power (Radioshack, $10). This way you don't have to plug your box in and its completely portable. You will also need a compass, ruler, pencil, and some foam.
This is really cool
Do the speakers run off a battery?
No. They draw power from the iPod so it is truly portable.
These speakers do not draw power off the iPod. They are basically a set of speakers connected in stereo mode to an iPod, the headphone jack does not supply any power at all. To make them louder you would add an amplifier which you could run off batteries.
Do you have any details on, how to to add an amplifier and details to run of batteries at all? I tried this method tonight with some small speakers, but the volume was very basic, and probably much lower than my ipods internal speaker.. Thank you.
not quite. it totally depends on your speakers and any adjustments made to them. but yeah, ur both rught here.
This is a really good idea. I've been thinking of making my own speakers/boombox for quite some time now, but didn't know what I'd use for the actual body.
please retake the first photo
Would Hi-Fi speakers works? if so how do i do the wiring for stereo sound?
if i wanted it as a home stereo, could i use speakers with amp, and a usb cord to wall adapter?
Pretty snazzy. I might try and think of one that allows for easy plug and unplug of the ipod, especially with, say, the ability to dock your pod yo charge it.. hmm. Looks good tho!
If you have the forethought, scan the box cover first and print the image onto fabric (inkjet fabric sheets are available many places). Then you can use the original image to cover the speakers and perhaps even create a matching iPod cover!

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