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Introduction: IPod Covers

About: I'm a designer at Instructables. I have a degree in fashion design and like to sew, get crafty, and attempt to use power tools.

Back in 2004 I was looking around for cool iPod covers, and found the selections grim at best.  The choices seemed to be clear silicone, or black silicone.  Boring!  In my naivete I thought I had a millionaire opportunity here to fill a niche, and got to work.  Of course it only took a few months to realize that despite my recent graduate delusions of grandeur, I had no idea how to start a business, no connections in China for manufacturing (or money to invest for that matter), and hardly the ability to keep up with Apple releasing new iPods every couple months.  So rather than try to sell my handmade projects for $100 a pop, I threw in the towel and wrote it off to a learning experience.  Silly me... 

As for a little more detail about how they are made, I had pieces laser cut from thin plastic to serve as support for the openings.  I would sew interfacing face up to the front of the face fabric along the lines of each opening.  Then I would cut out the fabric within each opening, clip it, and flip the interfacing around to the inside.  At this point I inset the laser cut pieces, and ironed down the free interfacing edges along the inside.  I was happy with how they turned out, but it was a time consuming process.

Without further ado, here are the first, and last "samples" of that endeavor. 



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    Would you ever make these for fourth gens if you got a special order? If so how much?

    no ur all wrong the best is the camo 1

    no ur all wrong the best is the camo 1

    no ur all wrong the best is the camo 1

    Nice job. Love the denim cover.

    These are cool! I love the black one. I'd definately buy one, I'd have to get myself an ipod first though...