Its a dock in a toy( a munny, a monkey looking plastic toy made to be costomized, there $20 at www.kidrobot.com) this "how to" will save you about 20 dollers from the apple ipod dock and is on a whole nother level of cool.


Step 1: Materials

Time: 1 Hour

Stuff You Need
1 munny
2 iPod cord
3 exacto
4 duck tape
5 lighter
6 thin and durable cardboard or something like that
7 strong glue
hahahaha he has a cord comin out of his butt
Look closer at the picture. It's a USD cord (Universal Serial ****)! XD
u said the munny was 20 dollars and you said ipod docks were 20 dollars. why not just get the dock? anyway i love the idea but could be better with some kind of cheap toy such as a McDonalds furbie which i think i have a ton and then it would have cute ears too ;-)
munny is awesome. . . period!
it the smaller series cost $10 and the bigger one cost $25
Maxell P-3 Dock cost me 12.99. and it has usb/firewire/line/svideo out... as well as AC power, and changable sinks and a backrest. that was at my local Bargain Store.
Can you make this with a Creative Zen or Other Mp3's?
DUDE DO THIS WITH A SMOKING LABBIT!!!!~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by the way do mini munnys work
what series munny did u use?? was it the new series 4 7" ones?? thanks
I say someone should make an instructable on making a Munny from scratch,or off lightbulbs or something....
sweet. a little unrelated, but were you the person who had the nes controler for the ipod in hackaday
Sigh, can people stop making these redicioulous ipod docks? For the amount of time a ipod is plugged in, it's rather unnessasary if you ask me. And no that isn't the guy that made the nes controller mod.
Hey... at least they're more interesting then knex guns! Looks good, pigboi!
Good point
Agreed :P
this is the perfect use for the monkey but add a face
I have to say this is probably the coolest ipod dock i have seen on Instructables!! kudos
i dont get why you need a lighter..if you just use a boxcutter and a xacto you should be ok :/ but be CAREFUL i cut myhself badly with a box cutter on another project..
I'm thinking of taking apart my iHome iH5 and then extending the dock connector so i can make a totally custom dock
sweet..munnies...i have a nice little army of dunnies on my desk...ready to kill all those who oppose me....you should send kidrobot an email about this....i would be willing to bet you could sell him the idea....ipod munnies, nano dunnies...etc..
Wait, those things are hollow?!?! I thought they were solid. I mean you can go out and get a piggy bank of same quality for a buck. Nice Instructables though.
That's cool! Munnys are teh bomb. Too bad you can't control the iPod, but I guess that people don't usually use an iPod when they can just listen to audio from the computer it's plugged into, anyways.

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