Check out my iPod Dock!!
It works for really any iPod out there.
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Step 1: The holding case

This holds the ipod

Step 2: The Back support

The main support

Step 3: Putting it together

Picture of putting it together
Just adding some pieces to support it more

Step 4: Finishing touches

Step 5: Adding the headphone holder

 This is how to make the holder.
and then Your Done!!

Step 6: Some extras

Picture of Some extras
1&2:my little cheap stand. This was my first concept. It looks easy enough to make so Im not going to instruct it.
3:these are spacers
4: put them in here
5: it's...
Send Or show me a picture when ur done making it.
Mushrooshi4 years ago
Reminds me a lot of my old iPod dock.

I don't quite need a dock for my new 6G nano though... it's weight is very small so it doesn't need the strain relief a dock provides.
novakfor34 years ago
Definitely best dock ever seen. Most other ones have big missing chunks and that type of stuff. Actually works nice too.
JMan55 years ago

First of all, nice dock!
I decided to make it, but I ran out of pieces halfway through, so I had to punt a little. I finally figured out how to do it. When I have some more time, I will post pictures of it.

Second, I made a slight modification. I took my old set of headphones (the ones that came with my iPod) and I taped them to the underside of the main holder. I stuck the end of the cord out the bottom with the usb cord. Now, it has "speakers"! They aren't very loud, but they are perfect for when I'm sitting at my desk.

Great 'ible!
F-17 (author)  JMan54 years ago
Thats great, cant wait to C it
The big brother of mine!!!
Bartboy5 years ago
This is one of the best ipod docks...
look at mine!
Sandy444445 years ago
whats the sqirrle 4
jason-25905 years ago
OK this does use a lot of pieces but man its worth it its looks very cool, and is the best 1 ive ever seen
trm9155 years ago
Does it work for the ipod touch?
hrou5 years ago
cool does it hold the nano 1/2 gen
F-17 (author) 5 years ago
Sorry, ill make one for yours, And I have a the 4th gen. ipod classic. It can be used for any classic ipod made,ipod mini and the 3rd gen. ipod nano.
swishinj F-175 years ago
it uses too many pieces
F-17 (author)  swishinj5 years ago
if you think this is alot then you should check out some other instructables
swishinj F-175 years ago
oh well for an iPod dock it uses alot I'm not trying to make fun of it i made it and its really cool!!!!!!!!!!
F-17 (author)  swishinj5 years ago
Thanks, I usually think nobody makes my stuff when I post it. T_T, But Thanks,:D
swishinj F-175 years ago
its way cooler then the other noobish docks
GTRPLR19955 years ago
Great job. I love it. My ipod Nano can fit in it. Which Ipod do you have.
Bartboy5 years ago
YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES! Now, I challenge you: Make one of these, but 4 feet off the ground!
F-17 (author)  Bartboy5 years ago
thats weird, Im working on one now.
Bartboy F-175 years ago
Yeah. it would be like those sony tower speaker ipod docks!
s0lekill3r5 years ago
That's the best looking dock that I've seen, good job.
F-17 (author)  s0lekill3r5 years ago
yo thanks, but can u make it?
s0lekill3r F-175 years ago
I would but I have one of those big stereos for my ipod.
Der Bradly5 years ago
My Favorite Dock so far 5* Favorited
The Jamalam5 years ago
Nice one, i can't beleive how many of these there actually are X D
Man that is awesome!! Best one ever
What s0elkill3r said. Great work man.