Introduction: IPod Identification

Didn't want lazer engraving? Still want your iPod to bear your name? This a simple, but effective idea for those who own one of the popular plastic snap on cases for the new iPod 5G's.

Step 1: Prepare the Pod

Picture of Prepare the Pod

You are going to need:
an iPod (duh)- I used a 5th Generation
a snap on plastic case- Agent 18 is the kind I bought at the Apple Store
something to write on- What you will write your info on
a pen- To write
tape- To tape
a ruler- Or you can just guestimate

Step 2: Write Your Info

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Cut your paper scrap, you will want it to be about 2.5x5cm so it doesn't cover the Apple logo. THis is the fun part, write whatever info you would like to show. It can be your name and phone number (what I did) or just a happy little note. You can get creative and draw yourself a nice picture or just stick a photo of a loved one in there. Make sure you use an easy to read pen so others can read it.

Step 3: Tape the Back

Picture of Tape the Back

Using regular tape, cover the back of your paper. This is to keep the ink from possibly bleeding onto your iPod. I don't know if this step is needed, but it can't hurt.

Step 4: Start the Assembly

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Its pretty straightforward from here. Put the faceplate part of the case on first, lay the iPod face down, put your paper where you want it, and snap on the back part of the case.

Step 5: Now You're Stylin'

Picture of Now You're Stylin'

Now you have a non-warranty voided, easy to change, personalized iPod! This is something even the most DIY challenged folks can do, and it looks pretty neat. I've gotten quite a few compliments on this little project and it takes almost no time to complete. Sorry for the picture quality, I'm working with a cameraphone here.


rotor (author)2006-05-16


anickle060193 (author)rotor2009-01-21

light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation

matt (author)2006-05-15

LoL. Ghetto...... If your looking for another free way to Identify you ipod, I edit the ipods firmware to give a custom page with your contact info...... this way its burnt into the memory and cannot be deleted or formatted.

Pie_eata (author)matt2007-04-02

thing is you cant do that with 2 gen nano's it's encrypted

Arbitror (author)Pie_eata2007-12-10

And 3rd generation Nanos! Its annoying!

jeffconnelly (author)Arbitror2008-08-24

yeah... no doom, either...

Darkshot (author)matt2007-10-02

you mean ipodwizard? yeah i got that too it screwed up my headphones sorta or they were just bad =/

Crash2108 (author)2006-10-16

I would be able to get the area code out of there if it weren't for you meddling kids and the jpeg.

maxyano (author)2006-07-26

Dremel makes an engraving bit that would work better and would actually be permanent

dfc849 (author)maxyano2006-08-15

well the person who stole your ipod could grind off the engraving, and there is a 5$ diamond tip engraving tool here

yes i have a dremel but this is nice to just have around - i really didnt want my son screwing with dremel so i bought him this and his nano is "pimped" now and it actually does look cool - i would have a pic of it right now but he doesn't trust me with it and i dont trust him with my tools

cjhspoms19 (author)2006-05-31

I like it man...if i had platic case i would def. get on that

jaq (author)2006-05-17

I really like what you've done with the pen there. Old school.

Automaticman (author)2006-05-15

Yeah, this is definately the ghetto way to basically tell your iPod apart from others or let honest people return it to you.

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