Picture of iPod Information Screen Rev. 2
I'm not usually one to revisit a project after I've finished it, but I made an exception because the problems with the original design were making this device unpleasant to use. For those of you just now viewing this project, it is the second iteration of an iPod information screen I made for my girlfriend a little over a year ago (see http://www.instructables.com/id/iPod-Information-Screen/). While she liked the first iteration, it left much to be desired in terms of functionality and appearance. This iteration addresses some of the biggest issues and makes for a better and more pleasant to use device.

This has been tested and works with the following iDevices. And I suspect it will work with any earlier generations also:
  • iPod Touch 1st, 3rd,  4th generation
  • iPhone 3GS

A quick introduction to what exactly this is:
My girlfriend, a huge music buff, asked me to come up with a better way for her to look at the track information of the current song playing on her iPod touch while she was using it in the car. Those of you that have or have had an iPod touch know that it's not the easiest thing to read while driving. To see the song information you have to double tap the home button and then still the text is extremely small. Also, controlling playback is difficult as the iPod touch has no tactile buttons so it requires the user to look at the screen to find the location of the soft buttons.

My solution was to construct a device that would interface with the iPod and take the song information and then display it on a screen somewhere within easy view of the driver. After quite a bit of work and research I finally arrived at the product you see here. My iPod information screen displays the song title, artist, album, song time, and play/pause symbol. It provides skip back, skip forward, and play/pause playback control as well as charges the iPod.

The video is from the first revision, but it still shows the functionality.

gfreire571 year ago
if i want to use an iphone 5, i just have to use a lightning to 30-pin adapter? or i will have to change the project?
Very interesting and useful project! I have a slightly different problem for the medical device, called accommodometer in which I want to use the iPod to display images. Can you, as a person who has experience in managing iPod, say it is possible to control the display of pictures to my iPod nano?
I love what you've done here! Just another idea...is it possible to plug in your iPod into the top of the display? Or isn't there enough room to put the electronics? Then have one cable running to the car's power?
jasonZak2 years ago
Sorry if I don't quite understand how you have the cords all set up, but I'm assuming the most simple setup for this would be one cable running from the iPod to the display and then an AUX cable and a 12V DC (cigarette lighter) power cord from the device to the car.
Once again I apologize if this is basically what your setup is, I'm just trying to figure it all out from your pic.
13, 4:17 PM.jpg
cmonaco3 (author)  jasonZak2 years ago
That's more or less what's going on. Instead of all the cables going straight to the display, I have a smaller enclosure that connects with a cable to the display. That enclosure houses a PCB that has a 3.5mm audio jack and a mini USB port for power. (I had a cigarette lighter converter that provides 5V via USB). The iPod also connects to that board. My reasoning behind connecting everything like that is I wanted to have just have one cable running to the screen that's mounted on the windshield and all the other cables connect away from the dash board eliminating clutter and distraction. Does that make sense?
lollipop2472 years ago
RetroTechno2 years ago
PCfreak2 years ago
cool ible
myao12 years ago
Great works.