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Make a glove or mitten that can be used on any mp3 player that requires conductivity to control (such as all iPods). It sure is cheaper and more stylish than buying this one - http://www.tavoproducts.com/TavoGloves.html

Step 1: Find Materials

You will need:
- any gloves or mittens that you like, can be any style!
- conductive thread, order by email at http://members.shaw.ca/ubik/thread/order.html

I already own conductive thread, but this could be done with any conductive material such as conductive tape (found in the plumbing section of a hardware store), or even a small piece of metal or aluminum foil.

Step 2: Sew Thread Into Mitten or Glove

Try on the glove or mitten and figure out where the mitten touches the mp3 player when you are using it. Usually I use just my index finger on my right hand, but some people use their thumbs. Mark any spots that you want to use to control the device. Then stitch the conductive thread across those spots. Alternately, attach any conductive material to those places on the glove or mitten.

Ha! Now feel smug that you are as capable of using your mp3 player outdoors in Minnesota as those jerks in San Jose who designed such a weather-sensitive user interface. Now to conquer the issues of slow-moving displays in freezing weather and frozen-stiff headphone wires . . .



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    very nice my car has no heater which means no defog so i have to drive with the windows down in the winter so i ware leather with wool gloves

    This looks nice, but I'm a little confused. Does the conductive thread let you just navigate the menus without touching the buttons? Or how does it work? :)

    i dont know guys sounds too much to me like scrubbing with a brillo ever so slowly over time

    Hum, few frozen cables here in Texas. I bet I could build a custom cable that used a battery pack to heat a cable that ran the length of the cord to "heat" the cable slightly (resistance) and keep the cable flexible....I could add a variable resistor and voltage to control the heat, like a pair of battery powered hunting socks...perhaps I'll scavange a set and rip the wires out? Or perhaps use a bluetooth transmitter and bluetooth headphone setup for "cord" free on bitter Minnesota days. Leave it to the Cupertino type to create a warm weather only device...

    ha...thats true...cold weather and battery powered devices don't mix! talk about reduced battery time!

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    I leave my mp3 player in my car overnight, the battery gets zapped if its cold. Turn the heat up and put the mp3 player over one of the vents, warming it up gets about another 30mins out of the battery before it totally dies


    12 years ago

    wouldnt that scratch your ipods clickweel

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    I used thread, which doesn't scratch much of anything.

    Hey, thats a pretty spiffy idea. Use an iPod sock to keep your iPod warm.