So recently I was at a friends house and saw an orange iPod nano 4g sitting near his TV... 
I knew he had recently gotten an ipod touch so I said "Is that your old iPod?"
He responded "Yeah..."
I asked "Is it broken?"
"Can I have it?"

So the journey began to figure out what's wrong.
I was heading to school so no time to plug into itunes that morning, so while at school I fiddled with it...
upon switching hold on and off it would give the apple symbol then say "plug into PC" or something along those lines.
Got home that day, first thing did a restore!
Guess what! I see the menu!
...What's this? I can't control the menu?
So the buttons are broken!

This instructable (my first) explains a fix for if your buttons are not working, along with the "spinning the clickwheel" motion or whatever you call it...
Or to put it short

This fixes problems where NO CONTROLS work except hold switch.

Broken iPod
Needle, Pin, Razor, xActo, or something else really sharp. I used a small sewing needle i found in my mom's closet...
and a playing card you are willing to cut up
Scissors, Razor, xActo, something to cut said playing card!

Thats it, lets get started

Step 1: Temporary Fix to Test If This Fixes Problem

Look at the bottom of your broken iPod nano... 
Like in image 1.

Take your sharp object (pin/needle/xatco/razor) and DRAG IT ALONG THE "CRACK" between the WHITE PLASTIC part of the ipod and the METAL BACK as circled in image 2, KEEP THE sharp object PARALLEL to your iPod! To get this, look at image 3, imagine Gray line is a needle, poking into ipod - you need it at that angle!
Follow a line similar to the one I have drawn in image 3, using a good amount of force - read on...

If you push hard enough your sharp object should POKE INTO the ipod casing...
Just a little bit! You dont need much! Just enough that the White part separates from the orange part a little bit and there is a little gap there!

This may be scary, but trust me... Just push hard, drag as shown in arrow in image 3, and your sharp object should slip into the ipod....... Trust me!

Now, assuming you can see a tiny gap between the white and orange part, guess what...
Your buttons should work.
Try it!! Turn on the ipod, and see if the buttons work now!
If not, make sure it's not on hold mode, then try again! 
If still no, I'm really sorry but the rest of the intructable will not work for you because it just continues on this problem.

Congratulations if your iPod does work, however! Yay for you!
Read on though! I'm sure you don't want a needle or razor blade poking out the bottom of the iPod, do you?

awesome! thank you. i like your style but the formatting is a little messy (random new paragraphs and lines etc) all good. thanks for fixing my ipod!
Hey man, happy it fixed your ipod! I know that the formatting is kinda funky, but this is my first instructable (I think? hahaha...) and I coudlnt take pictures at the time so I think it's acceptable :) <br>Thanks for the comment, and be sure to show this to anyone who's ipod is broken like this because i fixed a few other peoples ipods the same way!

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