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Introduction: IPod Nano Fingerless Gloves

I've made a few pairs of fingerless gloves from the original pattern on knitty.com (http://www.knitty.com/issuesummer06/PATTfetching.html), making modifications each time. This latest version has a pocket that fits an iPod Nano quite well (or a license, credit card, etc), ribbed top (instead of the picot bind off), slightly longer thumb w/rib edge (to keep it from rolling down) and some color accents. I did garter stitch instead of the two ribs where the pockets are to be placed to make the pocket deeper. The main body of the glove is in Patons Classic Wool Merino b/c I love wool for warm items and gifts that I want to be able to adjust the size of later by shrinking or stretching if they don't fit quite right and for the accents and pockets Lions Jiffy Mohair Look yarn b/c I liked the colors and knew it wouldn't stretch (no iPod droppage!). I gave these as a 40th birthday present with a matching scarf out of the Lions yarn - the scarf was a big cable (2 strands held together on size 17 needles, co 14 and cable front 7 stitches every 15 rows) so you can tuck the end through the "hole" in the cable crossover and keep the scarf on easily. I'm happy to provide a complete pattern for either/both if this is requested in a posted comment. Happy kntting!



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    Fingerless gloves make life a better place. How tightly does the pocket hold the ipod nano?

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    They are addictive to make - almost instant gratification. This particular pair holds a nano pretty tightly and nonstretchy yarn is definitely key (acrylic for these). I wouldn't go flailing my arms around with one in the pocket but it won't fall out easily.

    My dad loved fingerless gloves because it left his fingers free. He would never wear anything else! He used to cut the fingers off regular gloves, so he would have loved these.