IPod Projector


Introduction: IPod Projector

My friend's birthday is coming up and I don't have an idea for her present! What should I do? She's obsessed with iDevices though! Oh! I should make her an iPod/iPhone projector!

Step 1: Materials

-a shoebox -magnifying glass -knife/scissors -pen or Sharpie to mark -decorations (optional; eg. Puffy Paint, beads, glitter, stickers, paint, paper) -stapler

Step 2: Position

I'm using a Saucony shoebox. The magnifying will be at the front and the iPod at the back. Trace the shapes.

Step 3: Don't Cut It!

Do not cut the outlines out. If you are using a similar shoebox as mine, there should be a flap at the side of the box. Flip it out and trace the shape inside too. Now cut it out, then staple the edges sticking out. Look at the pictures for reference. Put the glass in and shut the flap again, and make sure the glass can't move.

Step 4: Fitting In...

Now we have to make a space for the iPod. What should I use to make a stand? Anything actually...you can stick a case to the back, use velcro, make a stand, or anything else. I'm using....paper. Yes paper. After you make one (or find one), stick it into the back of the box and position it so the screen is facing directly toward the magnifying glass.

Step 5: Decorate!

Decorate your new projector! It's now ready for use. To use it, first go to your device settings and put the brightness to 100% for better quality. Place it in the stand and close the box lid and turn off the lights and make it completely dark. You may shine it onto a wall or a piece of white paper, cloth, screening, whatever. Hope this Instructable helped! Extra: The hole at the bottom of the side of the box can be used to put earphones.



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    * never mind

    I figured it out! Never ins lol

    How do you make the outlines?

    This is mine. It's pretty cool.

    13, 5:00 PM.jpg

    Well yes, but if you haven't placed the magnifying glass properly in the correct position then you will have to make some minor adjustments.