IPod Shuffle Gen 2 (New One) Travel Case





Introduction: IPod Shuffle Gen 2 (New One) Travel Case

Ok, this will only work for some people as it requires you to own a pair Apple in-ear headphones to use their case. I wouldnt recomend buying some just for the case couse they plain suck as headphones if you ask me. Maybe you can find just the case on ebay but i doubt it.

The size of their case is perfect for the shuffle plus whatever earphones you use. All it needs is one tiny alteration. Just cut out the two pins in the inside of the case which are absolutely useless. I used a dremmel and a fiberglass cuting disc.

Once you remove the pins, youre done! A perfect Apple branded case for your new second generation iPod shuffle, even before Apple releases one themselves!

Step 1: This Is All You Need...

All you need is the case of one of these Apple In-Ear Headphones.

Step 2: Cut Off Those Useless Pins...

Ok all you need is to cut off those useless pins using a dremmel fiberglass cutting disc or whatever other method you choose. Make sure its smooth, you wouldnt want to scratch your new iPod.

Step 3: And Youre Done!

Now just put your shuffle and headphones in there and wrap the cable around the rail and youre done!

A brand new Apple branded ipod Shuffle Gen2 Travel case! Its very useful for when you wanna take it inside your backpack and keep it safe from scratches, bumps and dirt.



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    can't believe you made me loose five minutes of my life for this! Just kidding its my fault i only got 56k and it takes me five minutes to change a picture. Anyways, getting ADSL+2 tomorrow! And yeah it was the photo booth thing, which by the way is stupid that it doesnt flip automatically. I get it that it would be hard to interact with yourself onscreen, but once it takes the picture it could flip it. Oh well not even OSX is perfect.

    steve jobs wouldn't call it flawed, he'd call it "challenged"

    Looks like a mirrored photo...

    he clearly took it in photo booth, making it mirrored

    i found 2 cases on ebay for $2 about a week ago, just keep looking for them once in a while and youll find some.

    fits perfectly, looks amazing, better than the original case. thankss!!!!! really :) my pink iPod looks incredible.

    For 2nd gen Shuffle owners who don't have this headphones case, a cheaper option is to use an Altoids Chewing Gum tin. Apple's earbuds and the Shuffle fit into the tin quite well, snugly enough so that nothing moves around too much, but loosely enough that I can close the lid easily. I've found that it's easier to put the earbuds in first - it makes a nice little nest for the Shuffle.

    I realized you I did not need to remove the posts I managed to fit the shuffle into the case just by cutting the corners of the case back with an exacto knife (I'm sure you could use a nail file) and removing the caps from the posts and cutting little flats into the posts to allow the Shuffle to slide nicely into place. The slight friction fit keeps the shuffle from flopping around in there. (See Scan)

    2 replies

    I like the idea becouse it adds an ever better fit to the case. But cutting into the corners is a bit un-apple for me.

    I guess you could cut into the posts more. It's funny because I just got the Shuffle and noticed that it almost fit into the old case. After making the changes I went looking for a place to post the idea. Damn beaten by a month!

    Ha cry_wolf wat do i say. This is genius tho. So simple but sweet. thanks man

    i'm very impressed by your ingenuity: i gave up on the lame-ass apple in-ear headphones months ago but still had the case around collecting dust so it'll be good to use with my new Shuffle 2G. One thing: i don't have a dremmel or fibre glass cutting disc. Anyone know how else I could get the plastic pins off?

    1 reply

    hum... you could... let me think. Nothing will be as good as a dremmel cutting disk. Cutting pliers might work but its gonna be messy. I seriously suggest you borrow a dremmel.

    LOL! Ive just been craking up for about 2 minutes now. What are the odds. Ive been a product designer for 2 years now and none of my comercial products have ever gathered as much attention as this stupid thing! Imagine i submitted it on digg...

    Im always looking for ways to cut down in Apple related expenditure! I was just trying to make the little dock fit in there too but theres no way. Anyways, you can just carry the dock on its own, its not that delicate and it's not like youll take it everywhere.