Picture of iPod Speaker(cheep And Easy)
This is my first instructable. So bear with me.
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Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need
2013, 7:21 PM.jpg
What you need
-glass (big for better sound)
-iPod or IPhone

Step 2: Construction

Picture of Construction
2013, 7:21 PM.jpg
2013, 7:21 PM.jpg
2013, 7:21 PM.jpg
2013, 7:21 PM.jpg
Pick a song, turn up your iPod all the way up and play song.Take your iPod and put in glass. If you have a case that covers the speakers take it off or open the spot where the speakers are.

Step 3: Done!!!!!!!!!!!

Picture of Done!!!!!!!!!!!
Yay. It's finished!!!!!!!!!!
Please favourite fallow and comment because this is my first instructibal!!! Sorry for bad grammar only in grade 5!!
Phil B1 year ago
Thank you for your first Instructable. Someone recently suggested to me that a bowl makes a good passive amplifer for an iPod or iPhone. What has been your experience with different shapes of vessels and are any better than others?

I have seen quite a few horn shaped devices to gather and aim the sound of an iPod or iPhone. Not only are these large, but they are often elaborate to duplicate.

I was surprised one day when I happened to place my iPhone screen down on a tabletop with the speakers on the bottom end facing me. I wondered if maybe the designers at Apple intended that people might use a tabletop as a means of adding volume and resonance to the sound.