This is my first instructable. So bear with me.

Step 1: What You Need

What you need
-glass (big for better sound)
-iPod or IPhone

Step 2: Construction

Pick a song, turn up your iPod all the way up and play song.Take your iPod and put in glass. If you have a case that covers the speakers take it off or open the spot where the speakers are.

Step 3: Done!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay. It's finished!!!!!!!!!!
Please favourite fallow and comment because this is my first instructibal!!! Sorry for bad grammar only in grade 5!!
I haven't found any particular shape that works best
Thank you for your first Instructable. Someone recently suggested to me that a bowl makes a good passive amplifer for an iPod or iPhone. What has been your experience with different shapes of vessels and are any better than others? <br> <br>I have seen quite a few horn shaped devices to gather and aim the sound of an iPod or iPhone. Not only are these large, but they are often elaborate to duplicate. <br> <br>I was surprised one day when I happened to place my iPhone screen down on a tabletop with the speakers on the bottom end facing me. I wondered if maybe the designers at Apple intended that people might use a tabletop as a means of adding volume and resonance to the sound.

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