So basically i wanted to make a soft pad to place my iPod Touch on when it synced, i didn't want it rolling about on my desk and collecting dust/scratches.

It took me about an hour to think up and make and it doesn't use many materials or tools so overall its pretty easy to do.

Does anybody actually read this ? blah blah blah whatever just look at the pictures then, you'd better leave a comment though...

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Materials :
  • Thick foam
  • Felt or other soft cloth
  • Glue
  • Elastic or a rubber band

  • X-Acto knife
  • Black pen
  • Ruler
I give this a 5, I love the idea! (never seen grippy feet made of rubber bands before though...)
Very nice! I might make one, because I have my iPod touch on my glass desk when I sync it.. 
 oh and rated 5 stars! I'll post pictures when I'm done :)
Great idea! I would never have thought of using rubber bands for the grippy feet. It just so happens that I'm reading this on my touch right now :)
Haha me too
From this instructable I learnt we should have got you a cutting mat and a steel ruler for your birthday! Now your plastic ruler will be as straight as a roundabout and your desk will have scratches as deep as the grand canyon!
looks cool
Thanks for the idea! i made one of these, but i shaved out a hole in the middle, so it kind of rests inside. Its for a second gen btw. Ill try and get some pictures up.
Simple but effective! I will build something like that ( or this, idk, french :s) when I will get some foam !
Nice idea, i use my leather case normally, works nicely just to sit underneath. Might me worth make a docking station for all my gadgetry
I like your new avatar btw ! im trying to think of a good one for myself
I can fashion one up if you wish?
Yea that would be cool, a large'ish pad and you could have holes for the chargers to poke through
i will see if i have any leather left after my my book of time.
I like the rubber feet idea.
:P Thanks, it helps alot
nice ima make it as soon as i get some foam
Cool !
this is awesome you should cut in the foam a t an angle so you can plug it into the usb cord without it showing
Thanks, Good idea !
First !

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