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Do you often want to listen to your Itouch in your bed before you sleep, but can't really because you are scared for your Ipod to fell down from your bed and break on the floor? Or maybe you could get the head phone entangle around your neck?

So here is a really simple solution that will allow you to listen to your iPod touch before you sleep and that won't ruins your battery during the night and that won't injure your iPod or yourself!

Simple, Easy and 2 sec Setup !

P.S Only work with Itouch 2rd Gen ! (Speaker mode needed)

Step 1: Make a Playlist

Picture of Make a Playlist
The first thing need to do is to make a playlist of the songs you want to ear while your are going to fall asleep.. Calm songs help !

So click on music and go to Playlist , then click on On-The-Go and add the songs you want. Adjust the volume (Not too high) and hit play. Make sure your ear bud are not connected so that you are in Speaker mode.
te1013 years ago
works with 1st gen 2
Ausm5 years ago
i dunno
account3r2 Ausm4 years ago
2rd=surd...idk... XD lol
Patented (author)  Ausm5 years ago
RANDOMUS3R5 years ago
eNcHon5 years ago
you can also use it as an alarm ryt? prepare a playlist that will really wake you and set it as the alarm... well i've done this on a vid classic and i don't have an itouch..hahaha you guys try it!!!
chuck_295 years ago
kawaiipeach5 years ago
Thank you so much!!!!! 
zopie715 years ago
This is awesome...thanx! I just got my ipod touch for xmas and am figuring out how to use it. thanx again!
Halopwner855 years ago
megadeth could pwn metallica in every way shape or form
the_builder5 years ago
i see you like megaeth and metallica to?
Patented (author)  the_builder5 years ago
Yepp! my 2 favorite groups!
me too. I like Metallica better though
u r right, i like the unforgiven 2 but like megadeths kill the king
me too
sweet whats ur favorite metallica song?
or, maybe, possibly you could sit it beside your bed. otherwise good job
Patented (author)  eviltoothpick95 years ago
Yeah but I dont have any little desk, mine is at the other side of my room
christophor5 years ago
Great Instructable. I have some suggestions for folks like me who don't like to sleep with ear buds in and don't have speaker mode. My iPod touch doens't have a speaker mode. (1st gen I think.) I just use a small set of speakers I bought at the dollar store. They don't have batteries and aren't very loud, but they're great for listing when you're lying down. I just put it behind the pillow where it's out of the way but I can still hear it. My daughter (5yo) has a regular iPod with the circular controller on it. We got her a pillow with speakers in it. It's basically a neck pillow shaped like a monkey. We just snaked the cable between the mattress and head board so it doesn't tangle on anything. I've seen grown up ones in tasteful colors. I don't let her listen to it at night though so I don't know about sleep mode on that model. I don't use a sleep timer. I just make sure my play list isn't set to repeat. The iPod goes to sleep on its own and in my case, the alarm still works in the morning. Nice job on the Instructable. I'm sure it will come in handy if I ever bother to upgrade my iPod. Keep up the good work. - Chris
Patented (author)  christophor5 years ago
Hey, thats a nice idea! I will mention it in the instructables! Its a great option for 1 gen iPod! Thx!
B-mag5 years ago
why set a timer to put it in sleep mode? you can listen to songs while your in sleep mode, so just make the playlist, click play, and put it in sleep mode, that is way easier.
I have an iPod touch 1st gen so I plugged in computer speakers and I just have them on my bedstand and do this :)
I do the same with my nano.
Sandy444446 years ago
you said calm songs! system of a down-Ariels! not calm. good song and googd album!
Patented (author)  Sandy444445 years ago
ikoda6 years ago
Hey I learned something new about that Timer trick. But doesn't the timer alarm sound keep ringing until you stop it?
Patented (author)  ikoda6 years ago
No because the alarm is replaced by the 'go to sleep' option so the is no alarm!