Picture of Video Camera Slider
Hey guys , I decided to make a slider to shoot some video with my iPod touch gen5 , after some looking around I figured the best thing to use is a heavy duty drawer slider so this is what I came up with! Just used my phone for the above image :)
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Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need
Drawer slider , drill bits , bolts & nuts, screws , a template on where to drill , wood , one sides sticky foam , a bearing , elastic bands , a drill press , jig saw , hand saw and some aluminum square bar

Step 2: Make Template

Picture of Make Template
Make a template that you will later use to help yourself so that you cut and drill the wood in the right place so that your iPod can be held without anything blocking the camera and without the screen being touched

Step 3: Cut To Size

Picture of Cut To Size
12 2:34 PM.jpg
12 2:34 PM.jpg
Cut the wood to size Then drill the lag large hole that will later accommodate the bearing

Step 4: More Drilling

Picture of More Drilling
12 2:34 PM.jpg
Drill the rest of the holes that will hold the two pieces of wood together and that will have screws that are halfway in that will hold the elastics

Step 5: Join Em'

Picture of Join Em'
12 2:34 PM.jpg
Join the two pieces of wood

Step 6: Cut Some Aluminum

Picture of Cut Some Aluminum
I cut two aluminum square tube pieces the same length and files the rough edges down

Step 7: Adding Feet

Picture of Adding Feet
12 2:34 PM.jpg
Drill 3 Holes as in the pic , the middle one goes all the way through with a small drill bit ( slightly larger than the thread of the bolt) , then on the side that has the 3 holes make the middle one large as to fit a socket in to tighten a nut Then create a thread in the two side holes so that you can put a bolt in, this will allow you to film on ground that is not even

Step 8: Put The Stabilizers On

Picture of Put The Stabilizers On
Put the stabilizers on the slider

Step 9: Bearing With Me Here ( Haha Get It ;) )

Picture of Bearing With Me Here ( Haha Get It ;) )
Put the bearing on the top of the slider This will act as a swivel

Step 10: Put The iPod Holder On The Bearing

Picture of Put The iPod Holder On The Bearing
12 2:34 PM.jpg
I drilled and threaded the wood so that I could put a bolt through it to hold the top firmly onto the bearing