Step 2: The Beginning

Removing the center vents.
To pull out the vents, use a screwdriver and pry them gently from the center out. They should come out rather easy. Use torx screws left and right side. Pull out entire unit, may require a little force. Don't pull it out too far, wires will still be connected.

Metal plate
I pried off this metal backing from an old hard drive. You can purchase a piece at a hardware store.
After prying it off, I figured where it would need to be bent in order to attach it to under the dash, between the vents.
Bend the plate in a vise, and flatten out an defects. (I also had to goo gone the stickers).

After figuring the placement, I primed, painted, and put a little semi-gloss on the plate
hi just to be a kill joy idea is great but and its a safety issue if you have airbag going off your iphone may hit you at some 500 mph not such a good idea just watch where you mount the phone tks alan
I wanted to add my thanks for the inspiration for this mounting technique!<br /> <br /> I found a long thin piece of metal at the local Cole Hardware that had a variety of screwholes across it, and a larger hole at each end. It fits perfectly into the space between the vent and the dash space.&nbsp; <br /> <br /> I bent one end at about 90 degrees on the steps, slipped the &quot;shim&quot; in, and the hole on the end allows me place my belt clip case's ratchet into it with a loose but secure fit. I can easily take the belt clip case off entirely or just remove the iPhone from the clip. Plus I can always slip the metal out and put it in the glove box to keep all signs of an expensive piece of electronic hardware out of sight from casual thieves!<br /> <br /> While it does bounce some as a result of hanging away from the dash, it puts the iPhone closer and more at dash height, so I can operate the controls without worry of looking away too long or far from the road.<br /> <br /> The shim only cost 1.47 or so....nice!<br />
could you post some pics or perhaps even your own tutorial about it i want to try something like this but im not quiet sure how to approach it or the kinda shim i need to use<br />
Funny. Ive been trying for so long to find an effective solution. I got on here and searched for Ipod car mount. Ironically enough someone with a VW made an instructable. And I just happen to have an old hard drive. Haha. Thanks!
I just purchased a <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.archos.com/products/imt/archos_5/index.html?country=global&lang=en">Archos 5</a> and this just might work for me to set it up in the my vehicle. Thanks for the info, I'll post some pics if it works.<br/>

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